About the rise of the machines

the thing is, this makes me want to get 3 porcs and run those. theres 1 major issue though, being that because of this new relic generator 600 uranium will cost me 60k coins! thats almost double the price of a normal porc!
id sell one of my typhoons but its low in price and it would just be a major loss.
the highest i got is wave 15, i tried using barriers and those failed horrendously, i used porcs and while they do work well, i only have 2. i tried fortunes and those do alot of damage but the reload is the issue. yes i am running a hadron and 3 fortunes with a flywheel. i dont have 2 cyclones (only 1 atm) so i cant use that. well heres a list of what i found out in my own experiments.

3 fortunes: great damage early on! can 1 shot most enemies with a volley but in later waves the cyclone spiders get very annoying with their fast and dopey movements.
porcs: really good for taking out large crowds but if you dont have 4 - 5 of these then its an issue.
cyclones / joule / starfall: good damage, cyclones are nice to have but the one major issue they have is hills. the hills arent kind to the cyclones.
incinerators: quite helpful but the issue is alot of the time my shots just dont land properly. like the boss would be within the circle but when it hits it just doesnt hit him. this happens to some enemies to. i used an incinerator on a aircraft and it worked well. atoms were used to absorb some hits as well.
arbiters: a solid choice but later waves just unfairly decimate your build and aim at your weapons constantly, at least this was the case for me. still nice and i recommend 4 of them or 3 with an aurora.
reapers: i seen people use the reapers in matches and they are solid. the only problem i have with them is i couldnt seem to get them to work that well, but dont let this discourage you, i seen others use them very effectively.
shotguns: not very good honestly, i seen a few people use them but they arent that useful.
helios / prometheus: not bad but i recommend a set of 3 with the booster or 4 with no booster. i tried them and they did ok.
king: funnily enough… they work. enemies will relentlessly chase you, especially them shotgunners who LOVE driving up your bumper and wedging you. if you got a set of these just combine them with kapkans, a very fast build, then point and laugh as they follow you around the map running into your land mines and kapkans.
drones: i tried the sidekick and it was… decent? at least in the first few waves. as the waves get harder it just gets more difficult to keep the drone alive. yeah it does damage but later on the enemies get more hp and it just doesnt work out.
barriers: work great on the first few waves, then they just become useless.
retchers: if you can hit them with it it works very well! the pains in the bumpers are the cyclone leg bots.

this is what ive done so far. if any of you have advice or anything then feel free to say something.

also i wish the time limit exceeded 3 minutes when you kill enemies and not just top off at 3 minutes so we can get extra time to get further.

the Odin costs only 400 uranium

the odin costs 400 uranium yeah, but others cost 600 and thats a huge difference there. the price of uranium skyrocketed because of that generator. right now porcs are around 38k, its going to cost 60k for 600 uranium now because it went up so much.

This is the first PVE event I’ve enjoyed for a while. The endless waves feels like vintage arcade games.

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The waves kind of remind me of what I was asking for here:

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