About this new forum and it's system

So one dude already spammed crazyness and lost his cool all over the forums because of this issue. And I’m sure more will follow.

I’m talking about the player reporting system. Some players are going to report people they don’t like out of spite, just to hide that players posts.

Spamming false reports of a players posts seems like it would be against forum rules.

Are mods going to reprimand players that spam false reports? Or are we all just going to start spam reporting people we don’t like without barriers?

This is a very bad system these forums have in place.

So… What’s the word Devs? Will y’all be doing something about the issue or leaving it as is?

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I have a funny feeling you’re going to hear nothing but crickets…but good luck. I hope someone responds even if it’s just a mod. What’s the point of rules if they aren’t enforced?

I have a feeling ill get crickets too. But I asked a mod with a direct message. So hopefully he will see this thread and drop his response here for all to see.

I am not optimistic about them reprimanding people though. For example zetesh always false reported me constantly on old forums without recourse.

@35291418 Raising the default flag limits additional info…


I’m asking him to raise the threshold limits for flagging. Our forum population can’t seem to act like adults and handle the one flag hidden current threshold. We should probably have it set at two individual flags per msg if possible.

Yup. That at least would help with the issue.

On a side note tell everyone not to be so toxic too. :smiley:

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I Agree with you hampster.

For some reason everyone reads things with a mad voice in their head and then attacks people.

I can have a post with a simple question in it and the next then you know you got some dude telling you that your trying to start crap when you just need info.

This forum is a crazy place. To be honest I thought the flag system would be abused way more than it is.

It seems that mods just removing posts for no reason is a more common practice then people using the flags.


Some of the issue is, it’s just difficult to tell when people are joking in text and beyond that sarcasm isn’t always appreciated. The only thing that really helps with reading the tonality is the emoji’s but it does make writing look less professional and that’s a big trade off.

I agree that I expected the flagging to be worse too. I’d really like if I don’t have to see a single person being able to flag down another’s posts across multiple topics in short period though as was what was going on last night just for the pleasure of messing with someone. That’s literally just simple harassment.