About to Hit the Fans

Livestream with Crossout team is today!

We remind you that a livestream with Crossout team will take place today, at 14:30 GMT, on the official Crossout YouTube channel.

18 May 2022

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I hope the picture is alluding to some CKs for Fuzes ( I just fused my Fuzes). Some other guy and I were asking for that, but it was more about Smashing Pumpkins. This would do, though. I’d like to see Pink Flamingos too, and maybe garden gnomes, if we were to go that way. The possibilities are endless, probably.
Anyway, I’m bored, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I’m sure it’ll be a riot. It always is.


Sooo many good things in this livestream.

-We get new codrivers rework and cross play before this year’s end. Amazing.

-New brawl has nice rewards so I’ll play it.

-they are going to give us insta crafting and Faction switching and see how it affects the game. It will cause resources prices to go up, the market will get flooded with parts and then part prices will plummet. Supply will then exceed demand and im not sure what will happen after that. Maybe the market will start to balance out again after that as not as much resources will be bought because no one needs all the crap people just crafted to sell. Then resource prices will fall down lower again, and part prices may go back up(they may not too).


Lots of stuff coming. This will be a different game by next year.

Ya, that should be interesting.

I’m looking forward to the event, free Pack, and the mystery reward that is contingent on how old our accounts are. That should be fun.

I like the paint and hologram that comes with this free pack (thanks, Devs). I like any commemorative nostalgia this game has to offer, but I would have thought the Thug would be a more proper commemorative offering. Whatever.
Have a Happy Crossout Day.

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Yeah Devs totally got the reward idea for account age from a recent post on this forum. People say Devs don’t listen to us. But I’ve always said they do. I feel heard. Gj Devs.


Agreed. They very much do. There’s a lot in the game I know I petitioned for personally, like The Land-Ships and the fart horn (sorry), just to name a couple. I’m sure I could make a list, because I’m certain there are several things I begged for and there they are.

I noticed a comet in the sky, and I was wondering if anybody knew what that is about? Maybe it’s just to mark the season? I wonder if it will return next year. It’s the kind of detail I like about this game; the unmentioned flourishes of color and lore they toss in there on the down low, like the mannequin that used to wonder about the garage, and the actual junk the Junkbow flings, but you probably will miss unless you look close. I love that stuff.

The Brawl is a bit rough, and I’m having a tough time with that, but I’ll work on it a little at a time. I want the commemorative award. I missed out on the fart-horn and I’m a little pissed about that, so I’m not wanting to miss out on another exclusive…I really hate that I didn’t get the fart-horn.
But whatever. They gave me a cool can of paint as my Special Reward (for my account age), so I’m good. I built a replica of that Wyvern they have hanging off the side of the Land-Ship, installed a Cloak, tossed my Fuzes in the trunk, and polished it up with that fancy paint they gave me and I’m tearing up the Wasteland with it.

It works a lot better than I had antisipated. I’m having a good time with it

Anyway, Thanks, Devs. You know I love the paints, and two fresh cans of free quality paints hits the spot. I dig the stickers and the hologram too.


That collect the drones brawl challenge was not an enjoyable challenge to do. Brawl isnt half bad though. I like being able to use rippers in the mode.

Still I’d never play any brawl mode unless it has good rewards, because I just like regular PvP far more.

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Might as well ask here. Just got the time to play last night and am I missing something?
Got the drones, need to wait for the next day’s quest, ok… But for getting first place in the brawl, every time I got nothing but extra scrap. So I guess there is no prize other than scrap per place? Too bad but ok.

My thoughts on the brawl and the whole thing:

  • Not a fan of search for stuff on the map but I’m ok with it.
  • The brawl with many fun builds is… fun… But rewarding the 1st place would be better. Even some sort of a ladder with 1 reward at the end.
  • 1 quest per day is what I don’t like.
  • Combining searching for stuff on the map while fighting is also what I don’t like.

Overall, I kinda like the brawl, just wish it was mainly about the fighting, not the search.
There was effort put in by the devs, and it’s overall a good job. Also thanks for the free pack.

Don’t you get exp for that reward bar after every 10 wins?

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Might have missed it (I really was tired and didn’t play much).
If you get progress in reward levels by winning, that’s pretty good. I’d call it a good system then.

Brawl is bugged? I’m finding drones and they aren’t being counted . The Easter Egg hunt was wonky like that too. Scavenger hunts that are bugged like this are a drag.