Absurd part balancing

Why does Fuselage have a lower PS than Smallplow?


Maybe because its such a wierd akward shape leading to very few people useing fuselage. Where as small plow has been one of the most popular bumpers in the game to date. Small plow just has a much frendlier part shape. Also fuselage takes up a lot more more space, but in a wierd akward way. More space covered can be good, like with haraate, but fuselages shape is so blah and very situational in when it can be used well in terms of placement on a build.

I see countless small plows. I rarely ever see a fuselage on the battlefield.

I love and use the fuselage on many of my builds. Great durability to weight and can absorb 2 scorpion rounds. Small plow dies to 1 scorp round, so i rarely use it. Its also almost never seen on meta hover spaced armor builds