Abuse of power!

So now ridiculous is a reason to close a topic???
There was no flame war!
There was no uncivilized speech!
You abused your power!

Quaero_et_tegoSenior Forum Moderator


Hello Survivors,

Due to the nonsense of this topic, it’s now closed.

Best regards,

What was the topic about?

It was a lot of nonsense tbh

It was you who report it? :rofl:

I don’t care that much lol, he prob reported it himself to moan more

Well, what do you expect when you went on for almost two months about the same thing like you were a tone deaf person after so many told how to fix your problem, and now you whine like a salty child because after 2 months of you posting something on the post you created which is closed, good riddance!

Nope, in fact I think your self-gratifying post should have been closed over a month ago, once it became clear you just wanted to use it to whine and be woah is me look at me!

I think Quaero took too long to close it, but better late than never because just like the energizer bunny you would have kept going on and on and on!

Him spending months whing about the 40-point minimum to get rewards because he deems it unfair because he wasn’t getting any rewards for little to no effort of a play style he uses


I’m uh… not one to defend the forum… ‘staff’.

But uh… even I am shocked you’re shocked the thread got shut down…




Deemed it unfair for anyone to be robbed when they help kill an enemy, I do not need the Resources! I do not need anything in this game!

What violated forum rules in the Discussion Thread? Discussing a topic?

it was just going on and on … :rofl: :crazy_face:
be thankful they only locked your post and didn’t delete it…

no be thankful you didn’t get a full forum ban… seen some off beat topics in my day…but that was a 2 month whine fest…


Thankful? They killed the real Forum and moved to Reddit.

You missed my original thread lost on the old Forum with more proof that the scoring system robs active but unlucky players.

Say what you will about the MM. But… 40 points isn’t hard to achieve. Lancers and tusks are annoying, but matches are short and it shouldn’t take long to get another match.

It’s the overall format of Reddit that I don’t like. Hurts my eyes, and find it too annoying to navigate.
Maybe some day I will get over my distaste for it.

And lines said,
“Normal forum going people
Need not apply.”
So I made a alternate name,
And went in to find out why.
They said, “You look let me a fine contributor
I think you’ll do.”
So I linked the forum here and said,
“Imagine that, my lines connected to you.”

Lines, lines, everywhere there’s lines.
All up and down the screen,
Justa a hurtin’ my eyes.
Read this, connect that,
Can’t you see the lines?


dont bully me quaero please. its funny how reddit seems to have some inbuilt anti boomer protection. the lines are too much for you? maybe they knew

You must not know the song ‘Signs’

Weird Al woulda been proud of that parody.

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