Account-Locked Decor is Dumb

So I’m sure we’ve all had that item: you never intend on using it but can’t sell it because the item “is not tradable”.

Or, you want the decor item but can’t get it because it’s not tradable.

I’ve wanted the siren horn and a few other military-themed decor items for as long as I’ve been playing, but can’t get any of them because they’re all untradeable.

Then we have the untradable VARIATION of tradeable decor that you usually get from a BP. That is just braindeadness at its finest.

And the stupid “limited time” decor parts like the fireworks launchers.

Anyone else agree?

Just another way to stop us making money, but people say they don’t see the anti-player decisions lol

B-b-b-but then the players could get coins for free r-rather than putting real ife money into the game!1!11?1?