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so i don’t know if i might start doing it. but i want your guy’s opinions. should i start doing a series i call “tales of the wastes” where basically i tell stories based around characters and my vehichles?
just want a second opinion on this

if i get like. a great amount of support i will start seeing if people will enjoy the stories and stuff.
thank you ~ fragileboi

Sure, why not. Hang around bedlam, shoot at some vet players there, and you’ll always have fresh material. :slight_smile:

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Go for it. I’ve done a few, and ObsidianFang writes a good bit of fan fiction too. Accept the inspiration to be creative, I’d say.

thank you! the way these stories will be like a book. a story written. character’s. and stuff. but i appreciate you thinking it will be a good idea!

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lmao maybe i might

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