Accuracy of Bots in raids is ridicules

Yet another way to make you have to spend more time on the game to get any amount of rewards. The accuracy of bots in raids is ridicules. I am quite happy that builds need to be altered from time to time after balance patches and updates and was quite happy to alter my raid build again after the latest update.

The problem is now. the bots are so accurate. that even after surrounding all weapons with bits to protect them, I am seeing twin executioner bots shooting half way across the map and taking my weapons out. I’m all for making thing more challenging but it is now ridicules.

The game is made for those that have plenty money to throw at it (more so than ever), unfortunately I don’t. Again, I am more than happy to put in months and months of grind to get 1 Relic weapon, but now it will be more like a year, and along with the way they control the market after nerfing it the other year, its almost impossible to get Relic weapons. Relic weapons didn’t double in price due to the players.

Again everything done to the game, all the updates, the controlling the market, making the raids so much harder, ect , is all to make you spend more time on the game unless you pay, Basically, GREED. I just don’t think the game is worth the effort anymore.

One final note, the updated explosions still look like they we taken from the game Lost Planet from 2006. Seriously, get rid of this update, go back to the previous version and try again.

What i do and always did.

1- I chose my fights according to which build i’m using (bridge, rock city, founder’s canyon, shipyard are my favourites and i avoid certain factions, again, according to the build i’m using)
if i’m using my SGs builds i avoid Firestarters even if it is on my fav maps.
but if i’m with my drone build i avoid nomads or Dawn’s children, i may fight firestarters with it (pretty good against flamethrowers)

2 - i always use my PVP builds in raid

dude they could hit a flea on mars from an open field on earth. its stupid how accurate they are and their shot tracking to.i very rarely ever lose my weapons (porcs have very good amounts of hp and my arbiters rarely get targeted idk why, i think they might go for the thing with the most hp??)

i use 2 porcs and 2 arbiters and they served me well. my old raid builds still hold up very well. though one of my builds is acting very off right now. i think they may have made hovers model sizes bigger as my build no longer flies right. my hovers are phased right into my build. i have no idea whats going on with them.

My problem is fighting Nomads ,they stay cloaked while firing,unfair. Also my hovers are flipping me over cant test drive’‘on the ex’’ hovers either, And a note to devs I dont appreciate someone in my garage moving my stuff’’’‘paid for’’’ around, You’ve done enough NERFS since 2017, Stop ruining equipment.