Add a Downgrade Mode

First I must say that I was very angry when I upgraded my weapon… this is where I found out I was passed over. I don’t know whose bad idea it was to allow what I’m about to say, but honestly, I would never do that if I were in that person’s shoes. In Crossout when updating your part you simply cannot:

  • Sell the weapon
  • Use in a recipe
  • Downgrade
  • And destroying it will never be an option.

I could say that upgrading parts and weapons in Crossout is a bad thing, because doing so becomes useless for these reasons mentioned above. Anyone who upgrades in this game wants to lose money.

I just want them to add DOWNGRADE mode next to UPGRADE so that I can recover all 2 units of the same weapon I invested in the Upgrade or as in the “Special Offer” event recover 1 unit I invested in this offer at a modest price of 25 % of the amount invested.

Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

the market needs a place to sell upgraded items,like most games…easy peezy…

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I wouldn’t mind it. I have items I’d def like to unfuse. I imagine BP items in that case could not be unfused.

Exactly. Looks like Gaijin doesn’t care about these things…

No, why? The System would be fairer to the Player.

I’m also going to say No.

This is one of the things that helps keep the economy working.

Being able to craft with it would be the only thing I would say is fine.

You are not thinking BIG picture. If you could recover everything, what stopping you continually re-fusing an item to get exactly what you wanted? IF this was the case, they may as well let you lick what you want and have it on the market.