Add forum in the game

Here’s an idea I had: the game has a built-in forum where some titles are topped like: What do you want the new parts to look like? What is your preferred weapon type? These are topics that the developers may use in the future, where people post their opinions, pictures and likes, like a series of class of engineers with descriptions and comments, making class of engineers one of the articles, built into the game to ensure maximum player participation, increasing player stickiness and the developers will have a better idea of what the players want to achieve. the ideas of the players

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Have you seen in game chat?

They don’t already have anyone that monitors this forum, what do you think an in-game one would look like?

It does sound like a good idea in theory, but I have no faith in the internet.


i swear half the players have only used chat for insults , every other message is *******


Yes, but by reporting after enough punishment must be very effective, in addition I would like to say that if we can leave a message and comment in the museum drawings, it should be very good

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Leave this job to the gm, even if they only punish part of it, the effect will be significant

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A bunch of Russians calling people names and telling them do to sexual stuff to them like they already do in the game chat and then die hards trying to command their teammates like we’re in their service


I don’t think an in-game forum would work very well.

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