Add new command /vote suicide (1-8)

You all know that stupid game where only NPCs are left and for many reasons you are waiting for the 1+ minute timer to run out for the game to end with draw? Because for example these NPCs are left without wheels are not just going to suicide or give up?

Many times I was wondering why we don’t have a mechanic that would allow people to vote with some command like “/votesuicide” and if , at least, 5 people voted with this command all team remaning npcs would self destruct?

I think we need this, not because these situations happen that often but because when they happen we just have to watch stupid AI do stupid things, and it sometimes feels like very, very long time…:slight_smile:

And if there is chance this could be used against players as well, well, add number of player at the end of command.

I thought the game did end early when it’s just bots left?

No, in normal match the game keeps going and you have to watch just bots playing…

This could be a very fun thing, especially in the kinds of matches where all that’s left on your own team is that one toxic player everyone is tired of, who decides to drive all the way back to spawn and camp there while throwing insults in the chat while the enemy captures the base slowly, usually from scratch

This would never be used to make players detonate, that’s just dumb and toxic.

I carry many games when I’m last alive vs 2-5 enemies and a lot of people don’t like me and would just use that to end the game.

If you’re in a match like that then just quit instead of wasting time, it’s not a lot of resources you’re losing just to play a fresh match… I tend to quit as soon as I see my team won’t win, luckily it’s not often I die early of midway through a game but I’m not one to waste my time watching trash fight trash and be stupid.

If there are only bots left in the battle, the game will end immediately, if it doesn’t it should have players with names like bots

That’s what I was sure of

Absolutely NOT!!! You may not think so but encouraging the idea of committing suicide is a very bad thing, even in the simple context of a video game, specially a game that kids play. Absolutely NOT!