Adding more map hazards

The most simple way to explain this would be to take Crossout and combine it with Mud Runners and Snow Runners. Then make sure the wheel types are properly balanced for traversing the hazardous terrain of Deep Snow, Ice, Water, Mud, and Quicksand.

Things needed to be taken into account.

Wheel treads: the design of the tread would effect traction like studs, grooves, chains, etc.

Wheel size: diameter would effect how much sinks into the mud, snow, sand.

Wheel count: would effect traction and how much of the build is in the hazard.

Wheel footprint: how wide the wheels are would determine traction.

Wheel spacing: would most effect how big the build is and how many wheels are in the hazard.

Augers: would have no problems with any terrain except for ice.

Tracks: wouldn’t get effected very much. ice would cause loss of traction.

Omni: would get effected more than others especially in mud/sand.

Ball: would get effected more that others especially in water.

Legs: Bigrams wheel mode would be effected similarly to small tires. all legs slip on ice.

Hovers: Wouldn’t be effected by anything.

Feel free to chime in down in the comments to add more to it.


I think that these were actually made specifically for usage on ice. Other than that, these look like something I’d like to see.

Only problem is that snow maps are random and you never know what map you are going to get.

What a unique and long-winded way to say “buff hovers”


It makes logical sense.

I was thinking that water could be a hazard for hovers considering the thrust would be splashing the water and maybe douse the thrusters? I was mainly trying to be realistic though. that’s why I didn’t put it in. Maybe deep snow could melt causing the hover to sink slowly as it melts the snow underneath it.


I think terrain based handling’s only purpose should be giving tracks a competitive niche because their entire and only purpose IRL is to minimize ground pressure through surface area, otherwise wheels are objectively superior in every regard. I think the order of performance could be;

What really needs to happen though is a huge wheel rework. Massive dura nerf, slight perk nerfs, mass increase but full reverse speed, grip buffs across the board for everything but wheels and hovers. Tracks need proper synergy perks too.

How about weather conditions that affect movement parts in different ways

For example, a blizzard on snowy maps, which makes hovers handle poorly due to high winds, wheels a bit slippery because of all the snow and ice that’s raining, and mechanical legs can’t crawl up hills as “good” as normal due to icing problems. Tank tracks, atom/omni and augers would be unaffected

Then there could be scorching sunlight, where wheels, omni, atom and hovers are unaffected but larger movement parts, tracks legs augers, loose some of their damage resistances due to the extreme heat expanding the metal

A sandstorm could just lower the damage resistances of all movement parts across the table, by a little

Chemical fumes could effect all movement parts except legs. Basically there’d be a bunch and they only effect some movement parts, and they could start at the start of match, or at a random point during it, like a minute in or so on, it’d be randomized

And for maximum fun, so could be where the weather happens, rather than blizzard only being tied to snowy maps, so you could never know. It could even be an event, make up some lore about some scientist making weather control experiments ans the machine goes oopsie poopsie and now for X days there’s random weathers on maps in crossout. Could happen every now and then to liven things up

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I think that having the Omni unaffected by snow/ice is kinda dumb. Have you ever actually looked at the part?

It should have the worst traction, it is an over glorified ball bearing.

Adding more map hazards

no,we have kapcans n king mines-which we shouldn’t have,make them disappear and we could have more map things,but until then,well u know :kissing_heart:

About 6-7ish years ago they use to have larger traction differences between the wheels and different maps use to have widely different traction conditions as well with soft sand being the harshest hazard. The problem it caused was with giving players random maps there was no way for players to deal with the variability of the maps conditions prior to a match. When players ended up with miss matched conditions it often ended up being an instant loss for them. They ended up just scrubbing the majority of that portion from the game because it caused too many players too many issues and netted too many complaints.

It’s just a glorified example on there being various weather conditions that would affect various parts but not all of them, if we go by realism then all weather conditions effect all parts and rather than mixing things up the overall performance stays the same. Imagine if there were for example a randomized chance that usually good movement parts suddenly perform not as good, and a random movement party type part almost nobody uses over the good stuff suddenly is super good, but that random thing happening is not guaranteed so you can’t rely on it, that’s kind of the thing I was aiming at