Adjusting prices but not coins

Do you think crossout should readjust prices, not on parts or market (honestly this also could be a complete topic of it’s own), but for things like recycling, how many stabilizers are needed to defuse an item, remove coin cost from all workpieces, and readjust crafting costs for parts so crafting could be a viable option and so on?

I think that the current cost of doing things does not match the current state of the game, defusion being a prime example. 15 stabilizers is just too much of a cost for most items for it to make any sense to defuse them

In the current state of the game, many of the things there to “help” the players make any use of items they don’t need, like recycling free paints you get swarmed by every now and then, usually just works to drain players from coins and resources without offering anything in return, like if you don’t want your inventory cluttered by lots of free paints, pay 500 scrap 500 copper 5 coins and you’ll get a crafting ticket you’ll never make any use of


IDK why they like to add a dash of aggravation to features like recycling, but it’s intentional. The Crossout Day event has been “randomly” giving me garbage, and deftly avoiding giving me anything actually amusing since it started. I usually log off after opening that crate, because it sucks, and I don’t want to play anymore. I’m also bored to death with the repetitive maps, but that’s a different story.

I hate playing “Charlie Brown football,” and the recycling feature is this, along with some of their other features, like fusion, any and all crates, and most of their prize awarding brawls.

IMO, Lucy can shove that ball up her ass, and so too with these “random” prize boxes, BS score board brawls, and fusion. I think the game would be more enjoyable with these features completely removed, simply because I don’t need the disappointment. I just want to enjoy my free time. Why must they be dicks about this stuff? IDK.

Or, they could just remove the BS from these features. That would be great too, but it is what it is. This is Crossout. They like it salty, I guess, but I don’t think the general public is very amused by it.

I can tell you I’ve been sitting on my wallet for a long time, because IMO the game has too much BS in it, between these types of features, and the never ending beta testing that retards your progress every couple months, or makes the game balance more of a pain in the ass than recreation. I’d rather not get too entangled in their schemes, and right now F2P is about the depth of my commitment. It keeps my give-a-shit nice and low, so I can actually enjoy the game without feeling ripped off periodically. No love, no loss.

Crossout: best game I ever hated

Crafting, upgrading, salvage could all be done better.

The issue with upgrading and de-upgrading could have been entirely avoided, there is no reason for upgrades to be permanent at all. A large amount of newer games have removable upgrades for weapons that can be swapped on and off. Both the removeable upgrades and he weapons could be freely traded then.

Recycling decor, paints, and sticker again could also have been fixed with a more thought out approach to crafting paints and decor. It seems fairly ridiculous that with a growing database of parts that no one in the dev team has stepped up to work on it in the last 9 years. It’s mostly re-use of existing code pulling from different fields too. Would be much better then the limited ways they deal with these items currently. They could even simplify it by recycling to base materials first so you just deal with a few sellable decor/paint/sticker base resources.

The over saturation of crafted items could have been fixed a long time ago too by including ways for the game to purchase parts from players in game. I.e. weapon trafficking or other item quests in the awakening zone. This would be like setting pricing corridors up in a way where the game has a minimum value for each item based on the resources an item costs to produce. If the item is too low on the market players can pull them off to make at least the listed profit. They could even float the value based on the base material market it’s not like they don’t know the values and costs on each individual platform.

As far as crafting costs for workbenches and taxes go I don’t really have an issue with them. It’s still much better then it use to be where you had to take a larger loss in capital just opening up the workbenches to make a profit on a single crafting job.

this cost is absolutely ridiculous to me. 500 scrap and copper just to spin a nonexistant wheel to see what you get. and even then your likely to get a common item worth far less then what you paid. thats way to many resources to put into a random chance to get something good.

for rare items in the crafting table its far to expensive. i mean 600 - 750 scrap to make one rare? for 3 rares thats 1200 - 2250 scrap which is 1/3 of your weekly scrap cap. also why do we still have a scrap cap? copper doesnt have a cap, either does electronics or plastic. but apparently batteries, wires and scrap do? why?

15 for any of them to defuse them is far to much, especially at the higher tiers of weapons.