Advanced Building Trick

This Is How U Prevent Explosions On Your Ride!!!

We Have A Lot Of Explosive Stuff In This Game (Barrels, Generators & Other Stuff), Which Does Severe Damage 2 Your Truck, If It Gets Hit…And U Will Get Hit!!! LOL
Many Players Have Even More Than 1 Or 2 Explosives On Board…Which Can Trigger A Devastating ChainReaction & A Nice BOOOM!!!

The Trick Is: Just Connect The Explosives On Just 1 Bigger Part!!! Thaaat 1 Part Should B @ Least As Big As The HighExplosive Load!!!
If That 1 Part Gets Hit & Destroyed; Everythin’ Else Attached 2 It, Just “Disconnects” WithOut Any Explosion!!!

Fooock Yeeeaaah!!! Works Most Of The Time (Like 90%), Unless U Get Hit With Penetrating Weapons, Fire &/Or Astray Shots…XD
U Loose Maybe Some Ammunition &/Or Energy 4 Your Stuff, But(t) It’s Waaay Better Than Taking The Explosion!!!
Especially 4 Hovers…


Here Is An Example:

and you lose 4 power aswell very “advanced building trick”

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i Guesss…LOL

I’m pretty sure you are just bored and joking (not too funny though)…
But just in case a brand new player reads this and might think it’s the way to build, … This is a horrible advice. Minus energy when the gen falls off is the way to cripple yourself.

Just put the stuff that goes boom underneath the frames and armor it up a bit if you have gaps between the wheels/tracks or whatever you move around with…

Debatable. While the example OP posted is terrible, there are multiple, very valid uses of what he describes.

Lancers should always have their gens mounted in a funky way. There is no reason to weld your gen properly as a lancer, considering your weapons are here for 1 min max.
With a Kaiju and a light or medium cab, you better rig your gen in a way that all your energy-consuming gear pops alongside it, if you don’t want to end up weaponless as soon as your gen pops.

Generally speaking, as soon a you lose 1 weapon, your gen becomes a liability. There’s nothing wrong with rigging them in a way where they have a chance to go down without popping after you lost one weapon.

Source: Someone who 100% welds his gens under cabs (^%

True, although when I play a lancer, (lances only, no melee except some passive for a possible de-wheel), I like my generator in the explosive range of the enemy once I kamikaze after lances are gone, usually under the front and it never backfired on me. (Unless ofc there is a better thing I can do like distract, flip, de-wheel, or base cap). Mostly depends on the durability I have left.

Anyway, I was referring to newer players who probably won’t meet a lot of scorpions so under is pretty safe.
But if one wants to detach a generator, I wouldn’t put it on some part, hoping that part get’s destroyed when it needs to

RELAX!!! It’s Just A PreDetermined Breaking Point.
Easy 2 Use, If U R Good Enough…LULZ
AnyWay, A Nice Lil’ ShowCase Of What 2 Do With HighExplosives & A Valuable Lesson 4 New players IMO.

Lol, I will leave it at this :rofl:

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This is a lesson in what not to do.

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