Advice for the mad chase

so i stated before about a secret to the mad chase. if you want the secret theres 1 day left so go nuts with this. if you use a jotun or any source of cryo damage (jotuns recommended) and a team mate has an acari, you can do so much damage to the bosses in the mad chase raid its just comical. my highest was 200k damage LOL. so go nuts! tell me how high you all score in there!

hit the boss with the jotun and freeze its parts then use the acari, the damage gets comical.
no it doesnt work with the incinerator. trust me i tried it.

I just use an Equilizer and mg the hell out of it.

how many do you use? and if you get the chance to upgrade to arbiters. they are like the equalizer but have a much better bonus. also if you use 3 equalizers and an acari / aurora then youll have an easier time.

I have been playing Mad Chase with Retchers. These do excellent damage. It is best to stay a ways back from the levis to get extra damage from the Retcher shots. Its also best to shoot retchers in 4-6 shot bursts so that you aren’t overheating the Retchers with continuous fire.

I agree about the Jotun Acari damage. All of the quickest raid results have been with a teammate using this combo.

Incidentally, I pulled rare paints, a common paint, and a legendary Valhalla paint last. An exclusive event paint! Its kind of like Chrome with more reds and blues. Still hoping for Lemon Camo to cap off the paint hunt.

u know even if u do nothing its still a victory nd u still get xp thats why i play smarter not harder :rofl: :rofl:

  • I’m enjoying the brawl. It’s fun.
  • This brawl is like watching paint dry. I’m always glad when this challenge is completed.
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Two narwhals and an Acari on a hadron.

Helps if there is a Jotun on my team.