Aegis Prime Acquired

I just got the legendary module Aegis Prime!


good job comapdre

It’s fun. Especially with yongwang. Since aegis counts as a module ands buffs yongwang damage.

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Wish I hadn’t sold mine, but I got greedy.

The Devs are rubbing off on you I see

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Devs do a good job with this game Imo. But there is no doubt they are greedy. Very greedy.

Makes sense, because yongwang does more damage for every energy unit spent on hardware.

I got greedy and sold a new hammer fall for aegis.

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Nice! I’ve been playing some Aegis lately too. What are you running with your Aegis?

Double bubble aegis wheel builds are my bread and butter. Absolute monsters in CWs. Punishers, destructors and Parsers are the way. Basically any 4 energy weapon that’s effective beyond 100 yards has merits. Imps, nidhogg/jorgs and arbiters are not recommended. Jorgs have a chance, but you’d need a very aggressive, aggro drawing comp to make it work, as the game is now, imo.