After the update 26 10 22

you devs have just killed the wheels by reducing their already struggling traction so, hovers are so sensitive now that half of the builds wont work because of their shape so no more creativity for hoverers, lightning effect of some weapons are so abused it now feels like a moving “kill me” billboard, the map is so misty i cant see anything for real, also the camera position and angle are simply destroyed. two days ago i was planned to come back in a few days and buy myself a good catalina pack to enjoy, now i am just getting out of the game and wont come back for some time if i ever will. i suppose many will do the same. then you might understand this: anything that is already made are your promises to the player and you have failed to keep it. no player will emphatise with any negative changes you do and honestly it was the only game i played for so long since my childhood and now my low clearance wheel build is fuked up, i cant use my 12 upgraded hovers anymore, finally i feel like cheated with my whole investment as time, effort and money. shame on you. dam you.