Ahahahahahahaha... pfiuuuu, what a relief

As you know, there are, at least 3 types of builds in the game.

. And for special events

while one can do either mode with either type of car but, traditionally, common sense says either wise

I’m grinding the special event, so, i picked up one of my builds, the one i thought would be the most appropriate to do the job.
to became more responsive, and more optimized for the task at hand, my build lost almost 5 tons and well over 1 k worth of HP, leaving me with practically the same HP that a Ravanger build, which is practically nothing and at 8 k it’s a one single and lonely hot away to get wrecked
Instead of Grizzly i’m using Yuki, instead of steppenwolf and scavengers parts as main contributors to my armour I’m using buggy floors and radiator grilles.
I don’t have parking slots, so i’m stuck with this build for the duration of this micro event because i don’t want to rebuild the freaking thing every time.
But when challenges require going to missions and perform…
well… that was what i did.
Expecting to be deleted i went to PVE…
I did finished the challenge (badges in missions or raids)
And i I got this in the process


I have a build I save the blueprint to that is specifically for grinding out the 20 side missions in adventure. It’s almost prefect for Radiance. I just swap out a lacerator (for obvious reasons), and put on traction fused arrays instead of bigfeet. I also remove the genesis.

No armor, mines, grenadiers, cheetah, cloak, aggressor, minimal lightweight frames…

Sometimes I swap out all the weapons for retchers & ammo.

The no armor thing has only cost me one match when I accidentally canceled the cloak by dropping a mine.

There are definitely different metas in the game as you pointed out. We just focus on the CW meta because they complain they most. :rofl: