Ai bot control module

Just like how a tow missle works but you can select your bot to play as and lure bad guys to your rig or into traps. The only way you can tell they are being controlled is with a slight green light showing in the insides of the cabins. The module drops out of your car like a kapcan to start its signal to the bot as a radar dish sends information to and from that bot you control. this can help bots navigate better in the battlefields if they crash all you got to do is hit y on them if you can see them of course and are in range of the bot control transmitter.

Better yet a module you put in your car that when activated allows you to command them to do things for a short period. Like, “guard position marked”, “advance to position marked”, “defend player”, “attack player”. The bot will follow said command until the commander dies, the bots targeted player it is either attacking or defending dies, or a new command is issued.

This module would have a cooldown period. This wouldn’t resolve the bot rock humping, but I think the new ai incoming might resolve that.

This is the best way I see this kind of thing working in game.

Ps with this module, it would be cool to impliment my manual control drone idea. Where you have no car. Your simply a drone dropped by an ally player with unlimited drops. You can put whatever weapon on the drone too as long as it doesn’t go over its energy limit.

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As long as we stop the complaints on ai bots and blah blah blah but do you know how many i see complaining then are in patrol! I low key take nots of each players complaints and see if they are just complaining to complain haha to make others think the same thing because one black sheep can make many others turn their coats black too.

Devs already said we are getting new bot ai. It’s probably Soo.

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Hope they listened to the crossout gods lol. Well the good ones anyways hahahahaha.