AI Players in PvP Battles

Man, they need to tweak those AI bots down. Now the team with the best AI bots wins, the players just hang back and watch.

crossout AI

People look at me when im ramming our bot into a wall so it doesnt just go an suicide at the start… there’s a reason, an aimbot with no fear can be useful


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@Clebardman, about: “given the right car”.

So, please post a car here that allows a single player to 1v8.

If I dont see one by Aug 10th I will start thinking of you as a lier and will ask the moderators to delete your response as trolling.

If not for the cap zones, anyone with a Chameleon MK2 and a long-range weapon should be able to pull it off, but yeah, if the bots converge on the cap and force you to come at them, all the knowledge and kiting skill won’t help you, it will be down to firepower and tankyness.

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… Anything with a chameleon to reset the bots’ aggro, and preferably not a melee weapon to not sit in the open 1v8? Shoot 1 bot in the explosives, cloak, drive away, rinse and repeat. Or just pick a long range weapon and snipe their weapons while they make a bee line for you. You’re welcome.

Your screenshot tells nothing, it’s not even the actual score board. For all we now Josh and Joseph lightly taped 4 burning cabs.

Edit: Actually, bots are so dumb, I’m pretty sure they’ll all go for the cap if you cloak as the only enemy. You can probably let them go past you, and octokill them with Incinerator Blight lol.

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So, your response was to have a car with a chameleon? BS.

I flagged your post as trolling to the moderators.

List me the 4 bots behaviors, and their priority order. Also, describe their aggro rules in simple terms please. it’s just to check if you know what you’re talking about, or if you’re crying without trying to find a solution.

I’m more than willing to help, but your anger seems to blind you lol.

nah see the thing is he’s right, any cloak and range build can bait and switch the bots forever if it recharges fast enough, the bots have perfect aimbot but will target the first thing they see unless it cloaks, when it cloaks it will pick another target or drive to flag capture usually, they have a pinpoint aimbot but cant use it against a cloaked target, use this to bait bots if needed…

If no cloak then use in game cover and corners, they will use the path of least resistance so always drive the long way around if needed, this hasnt changed in about 5 years

They also follow the rules of the radar and will go to base cap if theres nothing perceived on their radar or line of sight, i’ll see how this works with griffon’s perk as I can’t remember, but this is why you see bots on cap doing nothing when theres an enemy in sight sometimes, just remember it’s a computer and won’t do anything actually strategic

I also do this. Keep it back so it’ doesn’t go in first…
Let the players engage, then release the bot. It’s a deadly weapon if they let it shoot un-attacked and it didn’t suicide at the start…
Usually, the side that loses two bots at the start loses. They are not just deadly shots, they are great meat shields if still alive when the fight is in it’s full, mid-battle.

yeah lol

if you can keep that dual cyclone bot alive its a brutal one