AIM assist on console

Hello, after 4 years playing on console, im the last scorpion/typhoons player on top 10 for 2 years. So 1% range 80% spiders and 20% bugs on top 10 since 2021. I want to know if it is Alright. I mean since the nerf of the typhoons with that 1s véhicule stop. And maybe the 2 months of the scorpions BUFF with the bullet size. There was never a range or hover meta anymore. Spider, spider, spiders. I don’t Even talk about the omamori that ruined the scorpion fun. No more 1 gun one shot or appollo 1 shot. Anyway. But, why is always the punisher on top ? I mean when a team get ruined on a comp they go « safe » mode with punisher. So the weapon is that strong that u can face anything… at least on console. Because the people can’t aim they put aim assist on so they don’t need to aim anymore but Even more assisted with the « new controls » they don’t need to WALK ANYMORE common guys i know you Want that any noob beat a good team with easy mode so he things he is good and spend money, more noobs than good player so more money, but please take of aim assist in clan wars. If you let the new controls on you should be able to aim without aim assist yes. Here is my idea. AIM assist off for compétition. No more help from the game. Just you and your stuff and your true skill…. Here’s compétition. Ps compétition… I don’t talk about the fact that you put too différent gamemode for the same scoreboard….

Yeah first we had aim assist so strong that it would lock and require no input. Then we had and still have strong aim assist. Now we have movement assist lmao.

People don’t control their own vehicle or have to aim on console.

The amount of times I time my cloak to activate just before an enemy reloads and watch as they whiff their shot miles past me because cloak turns their aim assist off, absolutely hilarious every time.

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aim assist and cam traction should be removed from the game, i personally dont use it cuz i know how to aim and drive without it nd also not crash into everything including my team mates, when im constantly getting plowed into by my teammates who uses it, it pisses me of to no end like use ur brain that simple

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Have any of you used the current aim assist?

A few months ago I turned it on because my aiming stick was drifting, and thought it might help with that. It did help with the drift, but the default settings were pretty annoying, especially with camera steering. Really sucks to have your whole build pulled to the left because an enemy drove past.

I found the moderate setting a lot more useable, but it was still annoying. You would barely feel it most of the time, and then suddenly your aim would get dragged away by something you didn’t want to be aiming at. Was good with ACs and PVE though.

Anyway, I eventually got a new controller and turned it off again. Spent a week feeling like I couldn’t aim, until my muscle memory caught up. Assist makes everything feel very sluggish, and it’s harder to react quickly. But when you get used to it, turning it off makes aiming feel really jerky, until you get used to it again.

Anyway, now that my body has remembered how to aim without assist, I actually feel like I’m playing better. Goes without saying that any weapon with projectile drop is easier to play without assist.

Edit: from my experiences, aim assist makes the most positive difference when using hitscan weapons on fast wheeled builds. Helps keep steady when you are bouncing all over, and doesn’t screw up your driving like it does with camera steering strafing builds. It is the worst with any slow projectile weapon, and I really don’t like it when using camera steering.

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yeah, because you dont notice much it seems. but every shot you landed before your aim got dragged away by something unwanted was aided by aa, youre just not paying attention and delude yourself that you actually aimed yourself when you hit stuff.

just like that pro gamer fortnite douche bag who turned off aa while streaming only to get nuked by some avg pleb because he couldnt hit shit without aa. but a moment before that he was claiming he could easily play without aa and its not a real advantage lmao.

well feel however you want to ofc, but every shot you missed by just an inch without aa you wouldve hit with aa. its not something that is under the spell of your feelings.

well as i understand hitscan weapons have been meta for a hot minute, so this at least partially checks out.

now that monkey died you seem to be in the minority when it comes to the impact of aa, even among fellow console players.

Hey, I admitted that I completely sucked for a week after turning it off. After using it for a couple months you get used to it, and the controls feel very different.

But I don’t think I am deluding myself as much as you say. I would say my skills are pretty average, and I’m aware of how I typically perform on various types of builds. So yes, immediately after turning it off, my scores on certain types of builds were much lower, even with slow projectile weapons.
But once that adjustment period was over, I’m scoring back up at my normal levels, and not feeling like I suck anymore.
But people who never use it have no idea how annoying it can be. Especially with camera steering and faster vehicles.
At the end of the day, MGs and ACs are always the easiest weapons to do decently with, whether I have aim assist on or not. I don’t get as many MVPs on those builds, but I also don’t have as many 40pt matches.
But that gets boring after a while, so I try to rotate through the full spectrum of weapons. And there are a lot of weapons in the game that get no benefit from AA.

Edit: players like Lexi and DHawk are much more competitive than me, and much more interested in being the best, and having impressive skills. AA bugs them, because it feels morally wrong in a skill contest.
I just want to have fun, and be the best I can be. I have no moral problem with aim assist, and have tried every iteration of it over the years. I have always gone back to turning it off, and never miss it (once I adjust).
The current aim assist options are smoother than the original hard lock to the cabin style, but don’t allow you to abuse the settings to get the near auto-aim people were complaining about when they brought in magnetic assist.

Wrong poony, i use aim assist. I dont feel the least bit bad about it. Joysticks have to stop turning left to Begin turning right, creating a split delay everytime. Aim assist levels the playing field for this inherent disadvantage that mouse and keyboard do not have. But i play games on console that have no aim assist such as Rainbow Six Siege. And my stats are godly on there.

Edit: My beef is with PC players shaming aim assist. “My aiming input device has 0ms delay switching between left, right, up and down. You use a device with an inherent delay. Youre so trash for using aim assist.”

Dumb af argument by the stupid, for the stupid.


My apologies for misunderstanding your position!

R6 is the ultimate aim-assist red pill

I hate on XO’s aim assist because I think it’s too strong, coupled with camera steering I think there’s too much hand holding for a pvp game. I use aim assist in single player games/co op games but no longer in pvps, but I tend to play pvp games via PC now anyway so it doesn’t matter too much.

Once you play fps’s on PC you don’t really want to go back to controller.

What I find funny is a console player could pick up mouse and keyboard easily but a PC only player could never use a controller.

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if were talking crossout mouse nd keyboard doesnt work on console but controller works on pc lol odd but what ever

There is a trick to be able to aim left and right with no delay using a controller, in FPS games anyways. The trick is to always mirror your joysticks in a firefight. As in if you sidestep left, you aim right with your right joystick. If you sidestep right, you aim left. This gives you the ability to sidestep more or less while aiming the opposite direction more or less. A wall will mess you up at times as it stops your feet from aiming, but if you practice this concept always, eventually youll subconsciously stay a couple feet from any walls(except when you lean peek a corner on games like R6 obviously). For a visual concept, joysticks are always either going away from each other or going towards each other.

I used to train people on R6 for PSN cards. It wasnt the most lucrative, but i could increase a person’s skill in an hour or less pretty easily. Probably bought 2 or 3 60 dollar games over the years coaching people up. I also got gypt a few times, but i enjoy teaching, so it still was fun for me. I also used to teach zombie crowd control techniques back on Black Ops 1. The “windshield wiper” technique could have you dodging the full pack of 24 zombies in a phone booth. You basically run back and forth in the corners forcing the zombies into a congealed mass until you spot the opening around one of the corners.

If we could toggle assist on and off in battle, I would be more interested in using it.
But when it only benefits 1/10 of builds that I play, I don’t want to go into the settings to turn it on and off all the time. And even on the builds where it provides a tangible advantage, I don’t necessarily want it on all the time.

Having said that, I don’t think I would want to permanently give up a button for that option. Even if it would be nice to flick it on for a second to target mines and drones.

You might want to look up xim or venom x, or similar products…

i only do natural no 3rd party b.s for me lol