Aiming and parallax

When aiming in Crossout, you can encounter a phenomenon of parallax, which is perceived as “jumping crosshairs”.

As you can see from the picture, the problem is that the line of vision and the line of aiming may not match. The crosshairs are always displayed not along the line of vision, but along the line of aiming. Therefore, in some cases, the crosshairs can “jump”.

The crosshairs for weapons with a ballistic trajectory are not broken. There are three possible ways that the crosshairs can behave for such a weapon:

  1. The crosshairs are displayed ignoring ballistics
  2. The crosshairs are displayed at the estimated point of impact
  3. Two crosshairs are displayed

We chose one of the options that seemed more convenient to use in the game.

Answers to some of the questions
Is there a way to remove the parallax effect?

Unfortunately, there’s not. This phenomenon is so fundamental that there’s no way for us to avoid it.

But this effect is not present in other games!

The value of parallax depends on the distance between the center of the camera and the point where the bullets/shells are fired from. In most shooters, bullets fly out of the center of the camera. Thus, in this and only this case, the lines of vision and sight coincide and the phenomenon of parallax is not observed (it’s also called zero parallax). Unfortunately, this is not possible in our game.