AIR WAR (draft2)

Well copters have returned to the wastelands, and with them a new squabbles and conflicts, with old abandoned and sometimes functional AA guns now something all the factions are fighting over. In this mode the first to 250 points wins, 10 points per player kill 1 point per bot. control the air control the match.

Palyers: 6v6 ground or air with 12 bots per team.

Bots: 8 are ground to ground only armed with MGs and shotguns, all bellow 3k designed to be easy targets. 4 are AA guns armed with huricanes, side mounted millers, autocannons, or flutes.

In this mode both teams will spawn in a base location, with the bots spawning at random around the map and fighting on the land. In the middle is an AA gun which can only be captured from the ground, it will fire high damage surface to air missiles at any enemies that get close, these missile can not be shot down though cloak can break lock.

First to 250 points wins. map control is key, and players will be allowed to swap between a ground an air build.

for this to work, a new garage slot is added next to levi, Heli. the helicopter can support flight parts but not wheels instead having some unique to it parts.

Flight unique parts

CHAF and flare pods
info: a launcher that contains 8 flares +ammo from packs, automaticly deploys them if a guided missile gets to close. doesn’t work against ATGMS

NEw parts with mode

IFF scrambler
info: prevents lock on by cauc, drones, and turrets. doesn’t prevent missile lock. lasts 15 seconds.

info: an epic tier weapon that is a quad barrel high angle flack cannon, it is huge costs 11 energy and has a slow rate of fire. but its perk more then makes up for it.

perk: proximity detonation, rounds will detonate in proximity to an enemy once the round has traveled 75m.

note: is bullet damage at close range explosive at long range.

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