Aircraft Balance

Give the aircraft a penalty to make them even with ground vehicles. The most realistic might be increased knock-back impulse when hit, but decreased accuracy, fire rate, or durability would all suffice

Stop separating the queues for aircraft and ground vehicles, increasing wait time and the number of bots

Make more anti-aircraft weapons


Sounds good but not gonna happen.
First of… devs put lot of effort to general balance. There are tons of weapons designed for melee and close range use. There was a time when maps had lot of place to hide from melee and lances, especially if you build a flying craft. They patched it all up because they want all the melee craps and such to be able to get you.
So that’s one thing impossible to deal with and probably enough to say the whole idea not going to happen.
To be more specific, helicopters are immune to more than half of weapons in the game, and other half of weapons can barely be used to outperform heli(limited elevation angles, range, ballistics) and no way to break that range. Nah man. not gonna happen.

If not this, the Starfall should deal 200% damage to rotors, or perhaps even 300%…

I think that for as long as they are trying to have both ground vehicles and air vehicles in the same battle, they are not going to be able to balance the game properly. You make 1 gun good in air mode, it’s suddenly way op in ground mode. 1 gun is too good in air mode and gets nerfed, it becomes completely unusable in ground mode. They honestly should have different parameters for ground only fights and ground/air combat

I still think helicopters were a dumb addition to the gam and the devs just shooting themselves in the foot with it repeatedly as they now fumble to balance anything because you can’t make gun A good in general because it would be too OP in heli mode, and you can’t make heli-mode intended weapon B good because then it would be way too op outside the heli mode. It’s just stupidity in display

Certain weapons could behave differently on air and ground vehicles

Thought : Have a damage effect when ANY movement part is hit and the hit points are decreased on such movement component, This would actually slow the speed of a ground based movement component and decrease lift capabilities of rotors . Until the component is completely destroyed.
I have been amazed how the pneumatic tires in this game can stay inflated with numerous rounds going into them with out having a flat tire and slowing a vehicle down before destruction.