All out auto

lets have auto aim, auto drive, auto firing all out AUTO GAME :rofl: :rofl:


zero player game be like:

id be playing while im watching a movie :joy: best games

Some builds are already very close to this

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and autoplay while you pay for the electricity bill?

hell ya cuz honestly alot of ppl dump a ton of cash in idle games so ez money lol

I still wish we could watch replays of our Leviathans doing their Invasion matches.
I guess that’s close to full auto, but we can’t see it in action.


true but i dont think many uses levis like me, mine just sits in the garage as a show thing to myself i guess lol

I used to just use mine for target practice, until someone on the forum told me that the secret to getting it in more Invasion matches is to inflate the PS as high as possible.
Now I send it out all the time, and it’s fun looking at the stats and seeing all the kills it got.

interesting…with me it’s the opposite.
my lower PS levi gets into more fights that the higher PS one…lol

Maybe it’s the mid-range that is too crowded to get many matches?

I wouldnt mind seeing bots use my builds or player builds instead of the builds we always see.

I also would not mind having a game mode where it randomly select someone and uses there build and everyone one plays with the same build fighting it out. Just would need requirements like has weapons and movement parts.

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it would also need car parts…not everyone has/does the same factions to the same levels.

the idea per se isn’t bad, just not easily appliable…too many variables.

but the bots idea, i’m all for it. they could make “a place” where players could post such things (if there isn’t one already) and then have the players vote or something…

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well in custom game players dont need all the parts to play someone else’s build just enable that. So its already in the game that ability to play games with other builds that you dont have.

Just make a game mode out of it and make it randomly select one of the players as the build you play as and everyone has same build. And fights it out all in same build.


Oh, didn’t know that…i mostly play solo so i never used that…
good to know.