All players that cry in chat and call players n00bs--here's their profiles

wonder why they hide it? :rofl:


it’s ‘tactical’… duh lmao


Some days it feels really tempting to drop a megalist of names of the consistently A-hole players who generally cry in chat over everything and are consistently toxic to the point of becoming memorable.

Never understood why people hide their profiles.

They most likely have a cut and paste from the the exhibition anyways, so it’s not to hide their build. LoL

I hide my profile because I’ve had people use it as a tool to throw shade/toxicity towards me like own my builds are better or I’m higher level, Well it’s set to friends only same with my messages as some people don’t have the mental maturity for the internet let alone playing online games with others! I learned that after a decent amount of times people flung their crap at me in messages because they sucked and were mad me or the others didn’t die with them! but I’ve also seen players make their profiles private so they can be trolls/salt miser and you can’t reply back aka cowardly

I do agree with this, BUT that weeds out the idiots.
As soon as you get “shade” then you can block that person forever. One less piece of :poop: to worry about.

Do what I do turn off your chat, and enjoy the game, stats don’t matter if you are haven fun …right :wink:

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When the 8999 side hover quad machine gun has to swap to a 8999 firedog then to a 8999 ktm triple destructor then sends you this because you have a 8700 scorp on blue wheels:

The irony is lost on such people, they can’t even type it properly

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hey Wassup Rebo…
this is just a fun post on them players who just freak out and talk smack because their team didn’t carry them and they have hidden profiles…it’s all fun…
but i love seeing it in chat,then i can hunt them down in the next match when they on enemy team and destroy them…honk my laughing horn as i drive away while they stuck on watching me on their screen for 10 seconds lol…

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We like to dismember our haters

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I never insult or call out players in the game. If someone acts like an idiot, insulting him is just lowering your self to his level.
However, I’ve hidden my profile AND turned off the chat.
And you know what? The game was never more enjoyable!

I actually like to see who gets frustrated in chat but most of the time it’s russian text so im left guessing if it’s an expletive or not. The exclamation marks and censored characters make me think this.

People really take stuff too seriously…i like to have fun.
Sometimes i get nice messages in chat from strangers so i always like to keep it on.

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Так это норма уже . Есть и всякое быдло в чате :slight_smile: