All the wedge related physics changes are bad

These wedge changes don’t help me if I’m stuck on top of a wedge, nor do they help any guy I wedge with my wedge build. If anything these changes horribly alter driving mechanics making it impossible to peel your vehicle away from an enemy vehicle that is merely contacting yours. Furthermore if another builds bumper gets caught on top of me I cannot move at all because of the bad mass limit changes.
If anything these changes help melee and shotguns because it doesn’t prevent wedging, nor do these changes make the game better for anybody who is getting meleed/wedged.

I suggest all these changes get reverted (they dont work) and replaced with ram damage mechanics that go straight to frames. If any build not built for collisions rams another build, that damage should go straight to frames. Creating a vehicle for handling collisions should require sacrifices to be made in terms of mass. I think the role of bumpers should be simply to protect a part from taking direct contact damage, but the underlying parts will still receive crush damage.
If a lightweight shotgun wedge crashes into the side of an enemy and he’s got a spindly lunatic frame all his wheels between his cab and the collision should fall off.

Collisions should be mutually destructive and discouraged for builds that are not designed for them.

Where do melee builds go? Every heavy build with solid heavy frames is a deadly melee build, and melee could recieve buffs if it meant that a player had to carefully approach somebody to minimize received damage. For example braking right before impact to minimize crush damage.

ATM there is literally nothing that discourages wedges or melee builds, but there is everything punishing somebody for not being a wedge build or a melee build.


This is especially bad with all these stupid effing spider builds that intentionally ramp on top of you to kill your engine power.

It is exploitive and dirty.


A year later and nothing has improved on this front. The melee is still thick in low PS.

Maybe this is the buff (collision damage) heavy cabs need to even the playing field a bit for them? When melee works less for fast light cars, and better on slow heavy trucks, this might help temper the low power-score melee-META and make the game more fun for more people…it’ll bring back the boring-trucker though, but at least it’s slow and could be outrun.

As it is, the melee is (still) a bit overwhelming in low ps, I think. Maybe couple this collision damage buff with a buff to wheels that would improve acceleration, so fast cars can actually be fast, while heavy cabs loaded with melee would still be restricted by their low top speeds, and not so prone to dominate via boring-truckers (just press W) and the like.

Despite the flaws, you sure don’t see many wedges anymore.

They dont need to be doorstops anymore, they just get any part of their build over yours and play the physics like a free kapkan.