'All Weapons'...use ammo boxes ")

yup,i said it out loud… :crazy_face:
every weapon (should have) needs an Ammo box or for Energy an ‘energy box’…
why do we have unlimited ammo for some weps? or any weps…
any thoughts?


it would certainly help balance things out if all weapons eventually ran out of ammo. I think players would learn to rely on their wits more than their builds, specially if a match grinds down to the point where the survivors HAVE to melee each other to win, lose, or draw.

I’d love to try a mode like this but I wouldn’t want the change to be for the entire game. I wouldn’t mind one that has friendly fire and fall damage enabled too though. Pushing people off cliffs and bridges should have some effect, ya know… :slight_smile:

How about nooooo Scott. It’s nice to have some builds not need ammo.

How about learn to aim…

yeah, ammo like these ones.

And SGs plenty of them.
How about an hybrid between a punt gun and a AA-12 ?
It would be heaven…a red mist heaven

Great idea.

Fused ammo pack or two makes any build have more ammo than will needed for 95% of battles.
I had a melee contest like that. Been trying to ram the dude on gerrida legs for 2+ minutes chopping of bit by bit while he skillfully dodged as much as could. Was one of most epic things I had in months, the guys waiting for the end of battle were happy to watch that circus too.

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The phone version of the game has this already.

ALL weapons need ammo, ALSO they went one set farther and made the Ammo boxes different for weapons of different types. So you have multiple boxes only adding even more things to buy.

This would be an easy transfer from one version to the other and punish all the players to have to own multiple ammo boxes.

I have expected them to transfer this over to our version for a long time.

It’s an awful idea, but let’s all remember who we heard it from when they add it so we can give them proper credit.

Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.