Allow us to craft old season items

The rotors from last season are no longer craftable which means guess what heli mode is now vets only… ooops that is a big F-up.

Please at the least allow us to unlock the crafting with badges similar to how we can unlock structure parts.

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The seagull is still craftable.

The rotors I think they should have altered their current practices for, as it effectively paywalls the parts placing users at a disadvantage and slightly crippling the potential of a mode unless they continually run the rotor parts in side events. I was kind of worried that it would end up like it is too when they showed the parts off. I generally think it’s unfair to newer players.

I think the use of some of these un-craftable items in BP recipes needs to be fixed as well. I’d even take a simple fix of just having those items on the event crafting workbench as a solution for that issue.

Beyond that badges and level boxes for workpieces I think is a fair fix as well.

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Yep. You need a Petrel to play Heli mode at high power scores.

Also, JB Rider noticed there are other rotors entering the game. There is a heavy rotor and a side stability rotor. I’m not sure when those are making an appearance.

If they did this, why not just add them to faction workbenches?

My suspicion of it is that it seems more exciting. I know that seems like a funny way to explain it too. This is the only thing that I’ve been able to come up with to explain the part withholdings. When I mention exciting though I mean that it agitates the markets in a way that it simulates unexpected changes that some players will benefit from.