Allowing dead players to take over bots under certain circumstances

Aside from certain restrictions like maybe a time minimum so ppl don’t just lance and play a bot and also maybe the highest score dead players gets to choose or pass before other dead players can assume control of a bot. Via spectate like spectate bot and hold R to take control after 1 min passed and you’re the highest score dead player by that time.

And one possession per match rule I guess.

My 2nd random idea of the night.


Never in any way.

This has been asked this some time ago. It never went anywhere & seemed to get swept under the rug very quickly. Great thought though I admit.

A lance or suiciding player could easily have the highest score after spectating a bot for 1 min… flawed and won’t ever work or be fair, especially is bots remain non-mirrored per team.


xo_guy123 I agree 100%. Besides the A.I has come a long way & isn’t the push over they were in the beginning . I’m positive bots can be buffed or nerfed to be nearly an unbeatable or an easy kill if the Dev’s so desire.

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Bots just need aim deviation set to pick a random accuracy % per shot and to have random path finding instead of straight to cap/enemies on map.


what if, instead of controlling a bot after death, we get to choose a bot and, then, we get to use emotes that the enemy can see…like a middle finger :fu:

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There was a rumor either on XO or another unmentionable f2p war game. If you clicked on map of the enemy base a bot would go to the base. I tried it on XO & it didn’t work as the rumor said. Obviously it was simply a rumor.

I would like Bot helos that way missile spam will be less of a problem. The helo bots will act like attacking flares.

Bots need trash talk.

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