Am I missing something here?

So, i have to earn 3 patches from the weapon category, basically all of them says
destroy or help destroy enemies…

I did it, why it doesn’t count?

Am I missing something here?

ive had it show me earn badges in battle then not display them on the results scream , felt pretty ripped off on that triple backstab the other night lol

edit : it looks like youll need 40 kills or assists per badge

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thank you.
I’m going like a mad man trying to finish it.

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If you were in a hurry, then you would use Rare Machine guns, for example, in Patrol until you got the Patch. Then you would swap to either Special MGs or Rare Shotguns and earn the Patch, then say Rare Cannons or Turrets or Drones.
I am never in a hurry and using Turrets in Patrol is at least 5 guaranteed kills times 8 Patrols = one Patch, repeat 2 more times, done.


Again, thank you so much.

I was about to quit, i didn’t notice the second one, game after game without the goal in sight. I was in despair thinking those things appear randomly.
This thing of patches i don’t understand much about it.
Guess my sidekick won the race vs my 3 Hawks
we were at the old forum and those backstab patches, i understood backwards, thinking i had to kill the other guy from stealth. At that time a dude called Sigma920 put me in the right direction.


I was about to do that.
I spend this game session cleaning the challenge board with my SG build with avengers, for this one i choose my drone build but it seemed the patches wouldn’t come, i was ready to turn to my SG build again.
Thank you for the pointers i’ll do exactly that next time. choosing the nearest to 40 kills.

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I just got the Patch for Passive Melee and I had to reply that this Patch only requires 10 kills.
So, in Patrol, try to ram all the Bots and when they die you get many Passive Melee Assist Kills.
Ram 30 bots that eventually die, and you get 3 Patches. I also get the Assistant Patch for every 10 kills but that is not a Weapon Patch. So, you could get 32 kills in 4 Patrols for 3 Patches if you ram all 8 enemy Bots and kill them all eventually.

Another little tip is to go check your progress on the patches… find a patch that you’ve almost earned like this:

z5 - Copy

Find one you’re about to earn, then focus on that patch.