Am I mistaking, but are the raid rewards lower now?!

As the tittle suggest, I remember getting 9 coupons max (3 per raid up to 9) But now it’s 6 coupons max (3 per raid for 2 raids) And normal raids I could swear where 40 coupons but now are 20 coupons, and 60 coupons for hard raids but now are 40 coupons! I know for sure it was 9 coupons per day for easy raids as I do my daily raids in easy raids to get the rewards.

So did they recently lower the coupons or a while back and I haven’t notice till now, or am I just mistaking for the normal and hard raids?!

what are Coupons?.and who uses them :rofl:

You know what they are and just because they’re not a major resource in the game doesn’t mean they should be lowered, what’s next, them lowering copper and other raid resources by 20% to 30%?! Will you laugh about that?
I asked a question to see if I could get an answer!
Imagine doing a hard raid just to get 40 copper/electronics

:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

I do not have an answer for you. I do not do PvE.

But Mud is kind of right, coupons are pointless.

I think it was smart to lower the amount, because this will raise the price you can sell them for.

I went to do a cradle yesterday but got into a frontier by accident, I think this still adds up like it used to (hard copper)

I never disagree with him about the coupons, I just don’t think it’s funny if they’re decreasing resource awards of any kind, useless or not

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Never gotten that much in a raid before (hard raid) even with premium bonus and doing most of the work a few times, must I gotten was around 200 with premium
But thanks for your answer, I wasn’t sure if hard/normal raids were touched, I know they lowered the easy raid resource rewards

well i don’t have premium, just retchers and being selfish… ngl

I think the max I got was 450 copper for like 2300 score, or so… so I think its the same

Coupons are very important, often my account is at 0 coins, do you know how many times i could jumpstart what i’ve been building.
For those times i don’t anything else to sell, i often sell enough coupons to be able to pay the building fee for x amount of parts to finance further building.
It’s an handy last resort to spare parts that i don’t get rid of.
I imagine for other plebes like me, their importance is higher than the average.
How do you think i could finish building 7 armoured tracks? At the end i had to go to the piggy bank and count the cents for building not only the last track but also to be able to build the required blue parts.

Do people not understand basic economics?

I forgot what coupons are even used for… I haven’t used any in 4 years…

Mostly legendary boxes at the moment…

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