Am I the only one seeing drones in PVP?

I’m sitting here on a lazy Saturday afternoon seeing if I can get enough alone time to grind the “get the wires” weekly, and I’m seeing a butt load of drones in the battles. I’m not saying they’re the majority, but they’re all over the map!

I tried using that new cab & didn’t like it that much. Methinks I may have dismissed it a little too early.

Have you guys been seeing this?


I’m running drones, so ya, I’ve seen a few drones, but often it’s just me on the drones…and some guy with an Annihilator…and then there’s that other guy with the four Hawks…and the bots often have a sidekick or a cobra too. So ya, lots of drones.

There’s an Anaconda, an Owl, and a Hawk in there.

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It’s the drone apocalypse, yo! my sidekicks and hawks are always ready.


For the past few days i’m not doing PVP, mainly because events.

I did Radiance back to back with a few incursions to PVP and Raids.

I’m still using this

And getting this

So i’m slowly trying to convert my event build into a PVP build without adding much weight.
Who knew that a Radiance build would get MVP’s and Unyieldings in PVP

Like these.