* am i the only one thinking why is this event sooo long? 🥱

2 or 3 weeks is fine for an event,but this is just crazy :crazy_face:
what are they trying to do?
what is the purpose of this?
come on devs… :rofl:



I’d like to know how you win the 9 weekly brawls when there are none to play

This event is indeed way too long. My coffee is way too bitter right now for me to contemplate it. I feel another rant coming, and I’m trying to avoid it.

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This is fine, I wished that Guiding star was this long.
My goal it’s to reach level 65 this means i can relax and do it with a leisure pace.
and let’s not forget the Elephant in the room

Perhaps that has something to do with it.

it’s this long because most of us weren’t enjoying the shorter BP’s due to lack of creativity being displayed in the BP’s. So, we asked them to take more time so they could have more quality BP’s. It WAS 4 BP’s a year, then it went to 6 BP’s a year, now it’s back down to 4.


Longer BPs are awful IMO.

I know I never asked for that.

I wouldn’t mind long BPs if they where quality like the original BPs where.

Now to get the same amount you have to buy the main battle pass and 3 mini passes to add together to be one BP worth of items.

I think I would say “Some” instead of “most”

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you could be right. It’s just how I talk, I round things upwards in most situations.


I see what you didn’t there :wink:

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My theory is that Crossout has gone into a maintenance mode. Resources have been pulled to be used in other projects. Instead, dev’s with less experience can be used to maintain the game. Likely we see a rise in smaller events where you pay the 9.99. Major releases like a new faction or updates to factions will occur slower. What is surprising is that new pack releases are not occurring. Instead, they put older packs on sale. This may be the metrics they gather show full priced packs not performing as well as ones that go on sale. Shrug… not sure.

This event is my least favorite. What I really wanted was a Ravager’s as a bad guy faction. Really cool structure parts. Changing the look of existing weapons. Cabins that fit with the Ravager theme. Also, a wave after wave of Ravagers battle with a king of the hill type game play. Finally, a Ravager pvp last man standin.




Spot on.

This is the worst yet.

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Is not that bad, in fact, it falls in line and has many similarities with Guiding Star BP which was my favourite of all til now.

We already had something like that it was called Operation Gozu… and it was a blast.

There are brawls available on the map most of the time. They are not “special events” but are only available at certain times.

Founders was months long. Syndicate was a couple months.

Full beefy faction BP’s have all been months long. Not weeks.

Remember, the last month of this BP doesn’t even have weekly missions.

I tend to agree, most companies that are “tech” industry are in pull back mode.

I think part of this thread is people are still sub consciously mad about Radiance.

Also… Drone Apocalypse is coming!

I’m fearing it will be the pay version. They seem pretty set on only giving us payed events.

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you rang? xD

i think they do this because they want to release “more content” but they dont want us to have nothing to do.
the issue with this though is that there really isnt anything TO DO. i mean they had the ravager event and now the dronepocalypse is comming back again for a bit but we havent seen any major content updates in a long time.
think about it, most of the updates are new weapons, armors, temporary modes and paints / stickers. i cant remember when the last major update was. i mean yeah we got a new faction in the ways of the northern faction and a new cough PVP MAP cough on top of some new parts but… thats really it… nothing new has been added, no new modes, no new raids, not really anything id call “new content” its just more of the same.
bascially what im saying is they are stalling for time to make a new season or something. after this battle pass give it a few weeks then out will come another season with more weapons and whatnot.
same stuff different month.

i imagine ravagers having more weapon varieties to. like more guns, etc. different wheels, cabins, parts, and more. it would be fun to have a raid mode for ravagers to. i imagine the ravagers having a laser cannon that the harder you hold the trigger the more intense the beam gets, lighter presses make a small stable beam that does constant damage and you can turn the gun fast but with low damage, where as if you hold it down fully the beam goes full power, shreding through armor and just melting builds however it has alot slower turn speed and drains cabin power. it could be called something like “the dragons breath” or something :smirk:


There you go, blowing away all the smoke covering up my fantasies…


Some fantastic ideas bro! I can only hope we see some of them in the future. Crossing my fingers mate!

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You notice the previous Operation Glory, which was also a small pass event, but only for the previous weapons

For Ravager parts, we already have the Scorpion, the Beholder cabin, the Hermit wheel and the Adapter. In addition to these items looking very cool, they are some of the best stuff in the game. I would love to see more Ravager CKs and structure parts. There is the Humpback CK, and various Ravager Eye decor parts but I don’t know about anything else.