Ammo and ammo packs

How does the ammo increase mechanic work?


In the game, you can install an ammo pack module on your build. It increases the number of projectiles and rockets. This article explains how it works in detail.

The ammo pack module contains a modifier: a number by which the number of ammo is multiplied (and rounded up after multiplication) for a certain weapon.

But, apart from ammo packs, there are also various perks, for example, such as those for cabins. These perks improve the performance of the ammo module, but do not directly increase the weapon’s ammunition. These perks are also represented by numbers. There can be several perks, too.

The general formula for the number of shells that a weapon receives when an ammunition module is mounted on a vehicle looks like this:

AP = WA + WA * APB * ( 1 + IAP-1 + IAP-2 + ... + IAP-n)

AP - ammo pack
WA - weapon’s ammunition
APB - perk of the “ammo pack” module
IAP - a perk that boosts the modules of the “ammo pack” type


For example, let’s take the “Executioner 88mm” cannon, the “Expanded ammo pack” module and the “Harpy” cabin.

“Executioner 88mm” has 10 shells.

“Expanded ammo pack” increases the amount of shells by 110%, i.е. the perk value equals 1.1

Cabin “Harpy” boosts the modules of the “ammo pack” type by 50%, i.е. the perk value equals 0.5

Let’s put everything into the formula — we get the following:

AP = 10 + 10 * 1.1 * ( 1 + 0.5 ) = 26.5 ~ 27 pcs

Now let’s replace the regular “Expanded ammo pack” module with the boosted one, with an efficiency increased by 56%. In this case, a new perk with a value of 0.56 appears in the formula, and the formula looks like this:

AP = 10 + 10 * 1.1 * ( 1 + 0.5 + 0.56 ) = 32.66 ~ 33 pcs