Ammo box idea: Chain shot

CHAIN SHOT ammo box

r/Crossout - Ammo box idea:Chain shot / bolo shot

Leave it to the lunatics to think hey lets load a modern military cannon with ancient cannon shot. well in this case just welding two halves of old metal bits to left over chains from popped chain tires.

rarity: epic

destruction damage: 250 with a 4m blast radius

Size: 3x3x3 has a pin connector on the top can not be rotated.

Perk: Attached cannon weapons deal 45% less damage and has a 33% reduced blast range, per shot but fire two shots at a time. Weapons must be attached directly to the pins on the ammo box. this box doesn’t grant bonus ammo.

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EDIT made nerfed part destruction damage in idea.

I love the concept, I don’t feel like having explosion damage on this would make much sense, honestly I feel like this could just be a new gun all by itself maybe something like this? a double barrel cannon with a chain connected to each ball?

12 energy relic avalanche type cannon

Hell no to the relic side of it, relics are a plague and the worst tier of weapons in the game purely as they are impossible for anyone who player the game casually or hates clans to get.


Other then the relic bit the rest of the idea is cool think it would fit more as an epic version lower blast and damage but can really wreck things by breaking off parts.

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oh gee lets imagine 2 mastodons firing 4 shots per round and can hit someone a total of 8 times per volley.
no thanks. thats way to much damage for me.

also imagine 3 of those shots miss meaning they are doing about the same damage. Also who uses relics?

ah yes imagine having 2 12 energy weapons on a build, is only their was a way to get 24 energy in crossout
look, a 12 energy relic weapons would mean that, it would have the price of a relic weapon, but you only need one of them, making it one of the cheapest viable relic options in the game since you only need a single weapon, you then get 4 energy to spare, if you want you can put on an avenger cannon but that is kind of dumb
leaving you with a flywheel, hadron cap and kind mine as the best dps option if you want to do nothing but buff your main weapon, and honestly, I would be fine with that
or you can just take a flywheel, maybe cohort, leg spider, and 2 other modules. I would be fine with that as well,
relics also kind of have this category of “sometimes not being the best, but being uniquely” the jormungander is the only heat based shotgun asides from gravatars which, barely count as shotguns, the flash reduced reload time, porks throw flaming barrels down the map, rippers throw saws, these weapons are very niche half the time, are you seriously sitting here and telling me that, a double barrel chain shot cannon, does not seem like the perfect relic weapon? it would be unique in a similar way to how half the other relics are unique, a cannon that only does bullet damage, but has a wider hit range, hell it doesn’t even need to have good damage, since you would be able to hit stuff much easier give it a bunch of impulse/ knockback, if this thing was a rare that used 12 energy it is going to need to be weaker then the avalanche obviously, the the avalanche is mainly good because the firing angle is trash, since this thing would be something that is supposedly easier to get a hit with, it would need to have MUCH less damage then the avalanche to be balanced, I’m just honestly not excited for it at that point I’m sorry but zzzZZ much to that idea, see the difference between me and you is that, you want a weapon that performs like a relic weapon that in the rare category just so you can afford it, sorry to tell you but that is not happening in 1000 years

ps. as someone who had used relics, and someone who fights relic teams often in CW i can tell you that, relics aren’t “the best thing since sliced bread” team work matters MUCH more then if you have a relic or not, a full legendary and beat a relic team and visa versa depending on team composition, and depending on your build options, believe it or not but, a king dragger using, purpose weapons, is a viable option and can be used to beat teams with relic weapons, aslong as you know what the king dragger is strong against

To bad it already h appened we call the weapon the Miller.

enjoy that while it lasts

Seeing as they buffed it, I will.

uhhh me? though i just use them for dailies and raids. i dont do pvp. still would be op.

This is a unique mechanic of the game, and if you don’t play clan war, then they won’t affect the balance of the game

So you are outright saying you have no real experience with balance in this game got it.