Ammo for all the guns in the game

Shouldn’t it be normal, that all the weapons in the game should consume ammo, and have ammo boxes on their builds?

I find it very strange that some weapons have a finite number of ammunition, and other weapons like machine guns, shotguns and auto-cannons can just shoot until the end of the world.

I find it very unfair that some builds require ammunition boxes, which ARE HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE, and others do not, making their builds less prone to failure due to internal module explosion.

I would actually like to see a mode like this tested as a brawl.

Or don’t build the ammo pack into the middle of the build?

Veteran player approves :+1:

Let all those machine gunners feel what it is like to play with limited ammo.


It’ll never happen, but it might make Corvos and other revolvers more useful. Ammo is heavy too. It would change this game’s dynamics a lot if they did do this, I think.

Melee players might enjoy this idea, and wasting ammo on drones would pose an interesting dilemma too, I think.

In a way, the fact that guns get de-gunned in this game so easily allows us to sort of suffer this dynamic (I can’t shoot/run away) already. Maybe it wouldn’t change anything that much. Maybe we are sort of already playing through a similar situation.

I am a veteran player, playing in top 10 clan wars… I know what you mean by not build stupid pop-able crafts, but the building style is not my problem.
We’re talking about an actual unfair advantage to many builds in the game, that are meta right now, and a little too easy to play due to the sheer amount of spam that they can do, and the reliability of set weapons.

Example: Breakers, Punishers, Vindicators.

Just like a bunch of us here.

That still don’t mean it’s a good idea.

No thank you.

I just think it would be kind of fun to see everyone scurry around for ammo drops…

Ammo drops?

EDIT: never mind your talking about PvE.

Not really, I was figuring limited ammo in pvp just wouldn’t work as by pve rules you’d only have 15 ammo drops till the last player so you’d have to find an alternative like random air dropped ammo packs. Which could be fun.

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I find it very strange that you get to have your weapons cost less energy (and ergo a smaller generator) because you don’t need -multiple- energy-driven modules. Weapons that require ammo should need at least 2-3 energy worth of modules to get the full reload, right?

*to be clear, I am being sarcastic.