An idea for a type of drone

i had an interesting idea for a drone seeing the new spider leg drones, what if we had drones that attached to your build like how a scorpion has its babies on it? instead of a box containing the drones inside of it the drone can attach itself to a spot on your car. hitting the proper trigger makes the drone detach itself and run alongside you shooting at enemies. when the drone runs out of charge it will scurry back to you and attach itself back to the spot you “welded” it to and charge itself back up as you drive or stay still (driving increases its charge rate, staying still slows it down). upon destruction it doesnt get destroyed but stays immobile, you would have to run into the drone to pick it back up. it would then start repairing itself and once its repaired its ready to go again. however because it had to be repaired it will have lower damage for a while. if its smoking while it scurries back to recharge it will also repair itself and take longer to recharge.

they can also be used as armor! however once it is shot off your build theres no repairing it. if the recharge/weld spot for your drone is destroyed it will instead attach to your cabin should it not be blocked. if it is blocked it goes inactive.
what do you all think?

as for the type of weapon i think it would have… mmmmm… im thinking either a miniature nagual, or something like an adapter or something like an argument or maybe an equalizer?

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There’s alot they could do with these things. The drones could be armed with an energy weapon that’s good for a limited number of shots; the drone detaches from the cab, does its shooting activity, then reattaches to the cab to recharge its energy weapons. Repeat until destroyed.

At any point, I’m glad I have 3 Sparks that I can use to zap 'em with if they swarm me.

the only real issue i see is pve. bots target drones right off the bat and itll be hard to keep them from being targeted and destroyed instantly before they have a chance to do anything.