Let’s discuss the Epic gun suffering from the same problem as Vultures, that its not performing at all and the cost being close to nothing because of it

On the Owl the idea kinda works, it sucks to a great degree don’t get me wrong, but being mobile helps a little with the survivability of the drone. In turret form however, it all goes south

Basically it does not deal enough damage per shot for the missiles to really work, even if they are semi-homing, and the rate of fire being slow does not do it any good either, especially as it’s a turret that can’t move and gets destroyed by enemies just driving around rather than even firing at it.

They would need to boost one of the two, either fire more rockets at a faster pace, or for the singe rocket to do good enough damage to warrant it being a slow firing rate immobile target with no hp whatsoever, especially when the range needs it to be rather close to enemies.

In my opinion to make it at least somewhat usable but not a big enough menace, they’d need to do an all around speed boost. Starts firing faster, reacts to enemies faster, missiles travel fast, rate of fire is faster.

Then again almost all explosive missile weapons are in a very bad place in general, like the TOW for example, with only the ones that have gotten hefty buffs doing any good (Cricket, Impulse, even if that’s not a missile weapon, nobody used it before the buff and now it’s a beast, showing that the same kind of love and care needs to go to most explosive weapons, especially the ones the devs abandoned ages ago like Owl, Anaconda, TOW, Nest to some degree)

Great points, but the Developers do not want you playing Drones so you will receive no love.
Of course, they were happy to sell the Call Cabin. Dev’s say, “We do not want drone to be the player’s main weapons or use drones only. We want drones to be a secondary weapon. But here is the Call Cabin for use with Drones only.”

The devs also are the geniuses thinking that double Athena is a 7000PS gun so honestly good on them for thinking I guess, whoopee they’ve had a thought clap clap

Where did the developer say that?

Drones have become the primary weapon of their soldiers on the battlefield, why can’t they be featured as a primary weapon in the game?

When the player base was raging that auto aim weapons like Caucasus and Drones and Hurricanes were too easy to be so powerful. So, they kept saying things against Drones and there were ideas that you could only have one drone of each kind on a build, all kind of crazy ides. But then they sold the Call Cabin and Grenadiers. But they will never buff Drones.

CERTAIN DRONES need a buff, not all of them.

uh uh no, we dont talk about those.

the thing about anacondas are… they just dont work well. they are stationary, huge targets, you could have a 5 course meal before it fires off another missile and they arent worth the 4 points of energy it takes to run them. they do a laughable 75 points of damage to a cabin and just dont do damage all that well.
slow firing
big targets
weak damage
4 energy to run

sure they can be useful in lower ps brackets but… epics arent supposed to be THAT weak.

i have supported buffing drones in the past, however only certain drones need a buff, grenadiers and annihilators DO NOT need a buff. the ones i think that need a buff are anacondas, owls and fuze drones. i dont care if fuzes have the cabin to boost that damage, its not worth it. they need a buff.

im in support of buffing anacondas. i have one myself… for some reason. its been collecting so much dust i think theres a mountain on it. i tried using it in a raid before and… on a medium raid it was BAD. so yeah please buff anacondas.

Another problem with the Anaconda that I found while playing more of them, is that they seem to use the same kind of missile flight algorithm as Owls. On the owls this is fine, as they float in the air and shoot down, but on the turrets it sometimes makes them shoot the missiles into the ground, even on absolutely flat terrain, like 1-3 meters away from the drone it just hits the ground and explodes rather than trying to pursue any enemies

The least they could do is update the missiles to work more like TOW missiles and fly “along the ground” rather than these things trying to do the same the Owl tries to do (shoot downwards at the enemy) which causes grand failure as the turrets themselves do not sit high enough off of the ground for that to work.

ive always noticed that and to get them to work… semi properly… is to put them on an incline or on the top of a hill so they can fire down at things. but they get killed all the time from bots anyways so not really gonna help. i hope they get reworked or something because anacondas deserve better then that.