Annihilator Enhancement Letdown

I already had 3 fused Annihilator’s but i saw one that could be crafted at the Treasures of the Wasteland mini BP event that had a perk i had not tried out on an Annihilator. The perk was the projectile range +15% perk.

Well i worked through the BP and crafted all the parts and finally made one. I was hoping for good things as the Kapkan that shares the same perk is noticeable in fuse changes to me.

Well so far in my basic testing capabilities on the range i cant tell ANY difference with this perk in annihilator range. They react to range the same as the other annihilators without this perk. Unless im missing something in how this perk works im just bummed nothing seems different.

Ahh well…

While im here though, what would be your top choice in Annihilator fuse perks if you could pick?

They already have to get pretty close to hit their target. 15% more on that isnt going to be very noticeable.

It’s the whole 15% of nothing = nothing

We where talking about this in another thread where we think some bonuses should be adjust depending on the item VS a standard %

Things with really low range, things with really low weight. Things with really low durability and so on.


I really kind of wish they would get rid of the worthless upgrades and put in stable minimum values for the really low underachieving ones.


I’m pretty sure there are several perks that don’t actually do anything at all in the game - specifically with co-drivers. :man_shrugging: