Announcement: Easter in Crossout

Easter in Crossout!

The Easter event begins in Crossout! Find all the Easter eggs hidden in the garage, complete special challenges and exchange the received Engineer badges for resources, structural parts and containers in the exchanger!

Attention! The event will last from April 14 at 06:00 GMT until April 25 at 23:59 GMT.

Medal “Easter bunny”:

  • There are Easter eggs hidden in all garages, they must be found and destroyed.
  • There are 24 Easter eggs hidden in total. For destroying 5, 10, 15 and 20 eggs, the player receives special thematic rewards: the background and logo for the banner, portrait “Lewis” and 3 destructible objects for the range in the form of an Easter egg.

Special challenges

Those who have already managed to get all the rewards last year will also have something to do!

  • With the start of the event, all players will receive a temporary hologram “Ears”. The hologram will be available until the end of the event and will be automatically removed after that.
  • During the event, 4 challenges will be available to all players, the progress of which is counted only if this hologram is mounted on your armoured car:
    • Finish 1 battle with the “Ears” hologram mounted. Reward: 80 Engineer badges.
    • Deal 750 damage with the “Ears” hologram mounted. Reward: 80 Engineer badges.
    • Win 3 battles with the “Ears” hologram mounted. Reward: 80 Engineer badges.
    • Destroy or help destroy 3 enemies with the “Ears” hologram mounted. Reward: 80 Engineer badges.

We wish you good luck in your battles and searches!

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I look forward to this event every year. In my opinion, they did a good job making it fun again this year. Great job people! :+1:

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Looks like I already got all the rewards last year. Popped some eggs in my garage with no effect. Good luck to others, then!


Anyone else having difficulties getting all 24? iam stuck on 23/24 for hours now but i cannot find the last one. I am starting to think it is bugged and only 23 eggs are available

i trust, last one is on tree E2 or you missing long ranged H8 botom left on map.

Thanks! it was the H8 one

There is a glitch with the easter eggs, on PS4 at least. I have 16/24 but when I shoot the other 8 they pop but I get no notification for destroying them. They respawn after disconnecting from the server. Cant seem to lodge it as a bug report :confused:

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I think I’m experiencing issues as well, but IDK.
I started with 21 eggs found, but hadn’t seen any, nor had the event been announced, but I was getting a pop-up that said I had found 21/24 well before the event was announced. Then they announced it, and I started seeing Eggs and popping them but not getting credit for it. Then the eggs started re-spawning. Then they patched it and I would see eggs, pop them, but I only got credit for popping one. Then I couldn’t find anymore so I busted out an exhibition model with a Spark and started spamming (like Charlie suggested). I found one, but didn’t get credit for it.
I’m sick of looking at this point, because I don’t know if the event is bugged or what, and maybe I’m wasting my time.
I’m stuck at 22 eggs. I’m burnt. I’ve gotten the banner, portrait, and logo, and I thought I had some Easter egg Range decor in my inventory from last year, but I don’t know where they went. Maybe I tossed them? I don’t think I would do that, but whatever.

This event is completely bugged out for me.

The event pop up does not show.
All of the eggs are invisible, even though I can still kill them but they don’t count.