Announcement: New Parts

New parts from the upcoming update

The “Crossout day” update was released just yesterday, and we already want to present to show you a couple of new parts that will appear in the Wasteland with the next update!

Attention! The update, like the parts mentioned in this news, has nothing to do with the new season and battle pass that are planned for the summer!

They belong to Alva, the daughter of Arbiter Petrolium, the main administrator of the battles in the Arenas. But, unlike her eccentric father, the girl who was raised by the Firestarters and then connected her life with occult knowledge, hints with her appearance alone that nothing good should be expected from meeting her.

Wheel “Sabbath”

For many years Alva wandered through impassable forests and swamps in attempts to temper her spirit. And every time the tree branches were entwined into a wall in front of her and the swamp seemed endless, a voice in her head urged her to keep going. As a reward for her persistence, the girl was given an armoured car, which proved that every obstacle in the way is merely an excuse to move faster towards her goal.

Crossbow “Varun”

One would think that a weapon found in a swamp would unlikely be in a good condition. But the metal under the dirt was completely unaffected by corrosion and, once greased, “Varun” began to shoot faster than any crossbow Alva had ever seen. However, years of abandonment have made some adjustments to the weapon’s mechanism: after charging, the bowstring tension gradually loosens.

It would be interesting to read your guesses and suggestions in the comments: what kind of rarity and what kind of perks will these parts have? In the meantime, here’s a picture which is also somehow connected with the Alva’s appearance in the Valley.


Aww yes more crossbows, one of my absolute favorite type of weapon. Hope it’ll be nice. Shooting fast makes me think it’ll fire a volley, and the drawstring stuff makes me imagine that if you keep holding it charged at full charge, it’ll gradually loose damage or distance or something

The wheel looks like it’s a front facing wheel, like the claw, and the description makes me think it’ll be a bumper wheel, with some kind of damage resistance or collision resistance or something, since it says stuff about obstacles


Yes, more crossbows. Love them!
I really hope it’s not relic or legendary… And rare might be too weak… Epic would be nice but we already have epic ones, though more won’t hurt (except on the receiving end, heh).
I hope it’s a special crossbow (I know it’s not, but I can hope)…

AND I hope it’s not oversized, so that it might even pull the already existing ones to get smaller in size.


Crossbows… I love more non-competitive weapons in game

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Rumor has it that the new crossbow is the old Scorpion?

Looks like they are simply reskinning their old ideas again.

I would rather see more maps or structure parts than more guns, modules (unless it’s an engine), wheels and crap for veterans. To me a shot gun is a shot gun, a cannon is a cannon,one machine-gun is the same as the next. The play-style is the same, just a different power-score, or a better or worse fit for building stuff with. Adding more fire-power to the game changes nothing for the better, IMO.
I wish they would have added some of that old western ghost-town flavor they used in this latest brawl to Adventure Mode. They make all these really cool maps for brawls and then just discard them when the brawl is over. It’s a waste of man-hours, IMO. They should just expand adventure mode, I think. It could be an interesting open-world game…but, ya meet the new guns; same as the old guns.

My morning session put me in a foul mood (sorry).

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I disagree .

If they aren’t part of a BP then I would assume they are comeing in a pack. In which case both are definitely epic tier items.

I think the wheels could possibly do some melee damage with some melee resistance on top. At the very least it has resistance to melee damage or even more dammage types.

Though if its a pack it doesn’t seem like they really fit any kind of vehicle theme. Front facing melee resistant wheels with a long range crossbow? I mean maybe. Or the wheels could be a pack item with a different weapon, and the crossbow is going to be a new Relic.

They were pushing the motorcycle theme recently with some contest. Maybe they’ll go that direction for the pack?
I don’t see crossbows and motorcycles as being on the same page, but who knows?

I wonder what it’s perk is.

Hoping the new wheels are special. There are tons of epic movement parts needing balancing already, and nothing cool for new players below that. Special, perkless frontal wheels and tracks would be awesome for newcomers.

i hope its the introduction of arena battles or a new mode. honestly we need more modes in the game.