* [ Announcement ] Planned balance changes 9 april 2024

Planned balance changes


The next update is coming next week and it will bring some necessary balance changes. Let’s have a look at what we can expect.

We remind you that all the balance changes described in this news are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not be implemented into the game at all. Some additional changes could be made after the publishing of this announcement if needed.


When the mine cable is stretched to the maximum length, there will now be a calculation of the captured vehicle’s momentum (the momentum depends on the vehicle’s mass and its current speed). Based on this calculation, there will be 3 possible outcomes:

  • if the vehicle’s momentum is below the minimum value, the cable will not break.
  • if the vehicle’s momentum is higher than the minimum value, but below the maximum value, the cable will break with a delay.
  • if the vehicle’s momentum is higher than the maximum value, the cable will break immediately.

Comment: before, it was hard to predict how a “Kapkan” mine would behave in a given situation. In almost identical cases, the mine would capture the player’s vehicle or not capture it at all. This change should solve such issues.
Now, for example, a vehicle with a mass of 10 tonnes needs to reach a speed of 100 km/h to break the cable with a delay or 160 km/h to break it instantly. A 20 tonne armoured car would need the speed of 50 and 80 km/h, respectively.


  • The damage from the projectile explosion increased by 50%.
  • The puddle applies the freezing effect 33% faster.

Comment: at launch, the weapon was not effective enough. These changes emphasize the main purpose of the howitzer and make it more powerful. Direct projectile hits on the enemy are now additionally rewarded, making the “Jotun” a slightly more self-sufficient weapon.


With more than one module activated simultaneously, the effectiveness of each subsequent module will now amount to 80% of the previous one.

Comment: multiple “Tormentors” installed on one vehicle at once increased the effectiveness of this melee weapon too much, allowing players to destroy almost any part in one hit. This change does not affect the effectiveness of a single module in any way and does not impose hard limitations on the installation at the same time. For example: the bonus from three “Tormentors” is now 70% + 56% (700.8) + 44.8% (560.8), i.e. 170.8% instead of 210% previously.

GL-55 Impulse

  • The size of the projectile decreased.
  • The perk now requires 8 hits on the enemy instead of 5. The damage bonus of the next projectile is 40% instead of 50%.
  • Cooling rate reduced by 40%.

Comment: the grenade launcher has unreasonably high effectiveness in battles at 6000–9000 PS. Reducing the projectile size (which was much larger than other grenade launchers) should lower the average number of hits, making the weapon more skill demanding. Perk and cooldown rate changes reduce the average damage per second dealt by the weapon.


  • Base damage reduced by 22%.
  • Perk damage bonus increased from 10% to 20%.


Damage reduced by 16%.

Comment: both chainsaws stand out for their high efficiency at any PS, far surpassing the chainsaws of other rarities. Their damage to energy consumption ratio is the highest relative to the other chainsaws, so the decision was made to decrease their damage.
Rebalancing of the “Mauler” perk is required in order to weaken builds with a small number of these chainsaws (with 4 installed “Maulers” the damage will be identical to what it used to be).


The projectile’s explosion now freezes parts by 35% instead of 20% previously.

Comment: like “Jotun,” the “Narwhal” demonstrates inadequate efficiency. This change increases the efficiency of freezing parts, which allows for faster activation of the weapon’s perk.


Fire rate reduced by 20%.

Comment: high effectiveness at 9000–12000 PS. This change increases the time between launching the projectiles, making it harder to deal damage to moving targets.

AM-5 Avalanche

  • Blast damage increased by 30%.
  • Penetration ability increased from 40% to 70%.
  • Projectile flight speed increased by 24%.
  • Durability increased from 1592 to 2418 pts.
  • Mass increased from 3510 to 5333 kg.
  • The projectile impulse upon hit and recoil increased.

Comment: the “Avalanche” is not a particularly effective weapon in its current state, used mostly at close range, which is contrary to its design. These changes are aimed at making the “Avalanche” a mid-range weapon for armoured cars that are not the lightest in terms of mass.

In addition to the balance changes, the update will introduce both new modes and familiar ones that are beloved by the players. After crazy dashes and fierce confrontations comes the night of judgment!


Glad to see the cryo weapons getting buffed. Excited to see what my jotun builds can do now.

Mostly decent changes, kinda surprised they do something that makes sense with the Avalanche. If that goes through, there’ll be endless crying from people who can’t minimap or dodge to save their lives… That mass tho.

Surprised the cryo hose isn’t getting buffed, Narwhal looks 10 times better than this crap to me, but maybe the -25% damage perk is actually strong with teamplay.



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Was hoping it was going to include the energy changes.

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That’s a huge Buff, it will be like an horizontal Mandrake.

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My kind of buff.

this is what peaked my interest right here. im HOPING that itll be permanent modes and not just timed modes. i just really want more to do in the game.

say hello to my little friend…
in all seriousness though this is a huge buff to the avalanche but holy crap that mass increase!
but… this begs the question… a mastodon weighed less the what it used to and had over 1500 hp. this weapon had 1592 hp and weighed even more then the mastodon. shouldnt it have more durability then that? im not complaining about it, i just find it a bit out of place for a singular weapon to have that little durability. maybe this makes it better? idk.

well… there goes my fortune build… i literally got 3 fortunes fused from the events that went on and now they nerf em lol gimmie a break!

THANK YOU!! i actually traded in the lighters for another fused jotun and its a big improvement having two fused. but this buff to them will be even better :smiley:

im wondering what they mean by this… do they mean it does more damage or do they mean the slowing effect is more immediate?

i thought this cannon was already powerful but lets give it more freeze! n-ice to hear!

Are you taking over for DocSavage?

They have been trying to fix this thing since its release, i am not keeping any track-ignoring whats happening to it for years.

Weapon is trash like all cryo ones, any buff welcome.
They need to provide tooltip on how cryo works on cryo weapons. Not just perks.
Its complete retardation that devs provided tooltip for heating weapons when its kinda self explanatory that if something is red it takes more damage.
But there is no persistent perk for freezing, each weapon does something different which leaves it to question if the weapon perk is separate from a general cryo perk or thats what this weapons cryo perk does, and its weapon specific.

Perhaps it was more obvious in low powerscores, i liked seeing some melees again in clan wars, it was welcome.
But god forbid players get some actually competitive melee fun again, right?

The weapon that existed for years in almost complete irrelevancy, suddently it sees the light for a while, immediate nerf.
The drones that carried it were better than carrying the weapon itself.

Someone is playing melee again threatening our broken (wheel reliable) heavy breaker meta, QUICK NERF TO THE GROUND.

Same as above.

Welcome buff, although the weapon perk is dangerously close to making it completely broken if not balanced properly.

The most idiotic thing for the most idiotic reason.
“Here is 3k ps out of around 15k that the gun can play into that it is highly effective, nerf it for all ps now and clan wars aswell cause there are still a couple of people that play the weapon competitively and this needs to be stoped”
Just say the truth, one of their devs got wrecked by some fortune car, which is a build that requires some actuall skill to play and now they nerf the gun to make the last actual fun fortune build unplayable.
How about nerfing booster breakers then, huh? Similar style, only much more broken?NO?OK.

They didnt know what they wanted to do with it from the start, the projectile speed was too slow for mid range, the damage was not there either.
Now a god buff to make it relevant again, after several nerfs.
They really need to make up their mind, its been so long and now they realized that the gun was trash for its intented purpose?
Not that after all these years i dont know how low expectations are.

To be fair, the GL55 Impulse was very strong, but because it had massive drop everybody kept crying that it was “useless” and “garbage” and “in need of a buff”. I was using it like a shotgun and had no problem whatsoever lmao.

Targem buffed it at least 3 times. 3 times, they increased the projectile speed MASSIVELY. The current GL disaster was bound to happen, and it’s a massive case of “sometimes you should not listen to players”.

I agree with the Ava. IMO it’s a good opportunity to remove its garbage perk and give it something similar to Retcher, to make it a relevant long-range artillery weapon. Something like “+15% blast damage and radius for every 100m”


Its like the devs dont play the game, or they play it but they are not good enough at it, so they dont understand whats what at the core.

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If anyone responsible for the game’s balance was actually playing the game, I can guarantee it’d be much better lmao. Every dev stream I see, devs in charge of communication struggle to find their way in their crappy UI and have no idea what half the parts do.

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I hear you man, it has been this way for a long time.

True. Apparently we are giving them too much money too easily, time to change that, make them work for it.

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Sadly we all know there are like 300-400 players with too much income and no girlfriend dumping 3k/year in this crappy cashgrab

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Well, might aswell end up playing with themselves.
Been back for a month now after 6+ months out, and i dont feel i will keep up playing for long.

Feels like many of the nerfs are to what are currently my strongest builds, which seems fair.
And many of the buffs are to things I like playing, but which are among my weakest builds. Which also seems fair.

Anyway, about the other changes:

Fortune I guess it’s a small nerf. I’d rather see other explosive weapons get buffed first tbh, blast damage sucks nowadays.

Jotun Jotun is currently F- tier, this change will make it F tier or something. The gun’s absolute garbage and I wouldn’t play it rn even if it was special rarity, 5 energy.
“b-but Clebard, +50% damage!” Wow, +50% of 30 damage. Still not destroying a rare turret with a direct hit :joy: At least give it +50% impulse too, so that it FEELS impactful.

Narwhal It sucks but it still feels better than 90% cannons ingame rn lol. You can’t buff Narwhal and leave Little Boys at 4s reload (0.2s MORE than Hulks, before perk)

Anyway, let me complete these patch notes quickly:

Reload reduced from 4s to 3.8s

+7% blast damage

+5% blast damage

+3% blast damage

No, it’s the increased explosion damage.