Announcement: Reduced upgrade cost for epic parts!

Reduced upgrade cost for epic parts!


Today we are launching a special part upgrade promotion. This promotion will be active for epic rarity parts, regardless of their type: cabins, weapons, modules, and movement parts.

Until 23:59 GMT on May 8, to upgrade parts of epic rarity, you will need only one additional (identical) part. Don’t miss your chance!

This event is relevant for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Please note that not all parts are eligible for this special — please check the eligibility in the game.

The special will be active from 13:00 GMT on May 4 until 23:59 GMT on May 8!

I’m not going to re-post all of their announcements from their web-page to here, but that one looked like a good one.

I might add that there are only a couple days left to their pack sale. I probably should have posted that announcement when it came out too, but I didn’t.
It’s a good offer if you haven’t gotten one of them already, I think. I picked up the Polymorph pack, and I don’t regret it at all. I’m getting a lot of bang out of those bucks, and I like the Ravager theme. I was actually waiting for that sale for a while.
Anyway, here’s that announcement too…go get one Ace. The sale’s over the day after tomorrow.

Packs sale on PC


From April 29, 12:00 GMT, to May 6, 12:00 GMT, the following packs on Gaijin store are sold at a 50% discount:

  • Polymorph;
  • Drive;
  • Arachnida;
  • Bravo-6;
  • Iron Shield;
  • Pandemic.

Suit up and let’s go, conquer the Wasteland to roaring engines and booming cannons!

Ooh, now might be a great time to fuse my Doppler. Also my Hardened Tracks.

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Thank you Doc! I fused a ton of things :slight_smile:

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I actually fused a drone-boat load of Fuzes myself, and I never fuse anything.

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The fact that we now have to repost the announcements here ourselves in order to have people be updated,
is a bit sad.
That said, thank you Doc! anything to make this forum feel a little more like home again.

I’ve bought a spare humpy for this very occasion, so today might be the day I fuse it. I might even use one of those useless stabilizers.

Also, nice try targem/gaijin! you can put your packs on sale all you want, but i’d rather not spend any more money than I already have.

Rather buy a new game, instead!


Congrats man :slight_smile:

How are you liking the fuses?

I have fused 330+ items :wink: I have a problem. Lol!

Fused myself a John’s wang and two AstraSUS, life is good even though financially I am in game borke

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Most fun I’ve had with drones all year.

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Awesome man.

I fused a colossus and 5 big foots for power.

It took a LOT of fuses :slight_smile:

But it is night and day to have a full build power fused.


I am still at the point where I haven’t quite figured out the synergy between cabs, modules, guns, and wheels. Once I figure that out, and find what works for me, then I might do more fusion, but up until that is realized, I think I keep burning myself and making myself mad.

I’m trying to re-build my blue-print roster with a variety of play-styles that I can just cycle through. Once I get a few solid standards for their category (MGs, Cannons, Energy, etc), I’ll probably do more fusion. I’m just not sure what I like for what yet.
Now is a good time to figure some of that out, I suppose.
I like the Fuzes for my drone-boat slot, but I’m still up in the air about cabs, cannons, shot-guns, machine-guns, wheels, and modules, etc. I don’t really have any favorites, but I’m narrowing it down.

Fused a TOW just for the off chance that the devs have not completely given up on it and it’ll gain some kind of a buff in the distant future

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