Announcement: Reduced upgrade cost, legendary, relic parts!

Reduced upgrade cost for legendary and relic parts!


You’ve been asking us about this special, so this week we’re offering you a discount on upgrading the parts of legendary and relic rarity. This promotion will be active for parts regardless of their type: cabins, weapons, and modules. The main condition is that the part must be of legendary or relic rarity.

Until 23:59 GMT on May 15, you will need only one additional (identical) part to upgrade the parts of legendary and relic rarity. Don’t miss your chance!

This event is relevant for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Please note that not all parts are eligible for this special — please check the eligibility in the game.

The special will be active from 13:00 GMT on May 13 until 23:59 GMT on May 15!

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