Another genius strike by developer :)

in this new season, dragon something, you need therm and thresher for craft everything.
therm cant be crafted if you not have old workpiece, and now after previos event (foxy secret) we not have the possibility to craft or buy therm.
in market we have only few therm

another necessary item is thresher, if you craft it you lose circa 180-200 coin for every single weapon crafted and for this reason in the market we have 0 selled item and 772 request for buy it!

summary ? this season can’t be used for craft nothing !
if you spent 35€ pass you can’t craft nothing because extra level give therm and not thresher

why they put item necessary for crafting and dont give the possibility to craft it at reduced cost during the season ?
an example, add thresher every level, but this thresher is NOT TRADABLE. in this way you can use it for craft during the season and finished the season or you use like normal weapon or you dismantle for have resource or stabilizer.
in this way the price in market isnt modified.


Just don’t buy the mini-BP then.

They will realize this type of reward system is garbage if people don’t buy it.


This whole update is like stepping in :ox: :poop: while sniffing


I said this a year ago… people just won’t stop paying and look where we are a year later; garbage.


It’s bullshit like every update before it lol. People still buy into it, so…


The only thing I was remotely looking forward to were seeing the new wheels… and they’re not in the update. :rofl:

I really hesitated before buying the current full BP, and have never purchased one of the mini ones… Agree with everything written here…

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I doubt they’re getting back up from that without massive changes. Their Reddit, Steam, Discord pages are turning into a riot, their reviews on Steam are getting bombed… Can only say it’s been long overdue. People warned them.

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This is why I disliked expiring blueprints from the battle passes. NOW THEY’RE SELLING US MINI BATTLE PASSES AT THE SAME PRICE.

Each battle pass gets greedier and greedier.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better.