Another play2win event - that we must endure

Did the same thing with Celestial Expanse paint - play2win heli event no one liked. Now we need to play this new event, or again, miss out.

Why isn’t this decor in the BP so we have a reason to buy it?

Why has Celestial Expanse never been in the store?

I signed up for the core game. I both play, and support it, but you choose to not only give everything away to F2P who ruin the game, but deny access to vets unless we conform.

Terrible business model.

I guess I should be thankful I don’t have to login to some 3rd party social media site to get it though (another terrible business model).

P.S. Over 3 months on my ticket too with no response.


Game mode : created by a mental asylum patient.
Season : useless cash grab.
about your ticket :
just add " and i can t make purchases in game store"
you will have a response within 1 hour and 10 ppl will work on it.

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I’m sorry, I understand the complaints against pay-to-win mechanisms, but are we really going to cry about “play-to-win”?

The whole point of playing a game is to play it. If you see playing the game as an unfair requirement for rewards, I don’t know what to say.
Do you just expect to sit and watch your lobby screen as your storage fills up with resources and items without ever having to play the game?

I mean, I do understand that the complaint is that you need to play modes you don’t like to get the rewards, but that’s not a huge distinction. The modes you don’t like are still part of the game. You aren’t being forced to play them, you are just being given extra rewards if you do choose to participate.

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Not always. A relative started XO on the playstation but quickly moved over to PC when he saw the controls were better, and had his pc/psn account linked so his playstation stuff would be moved to his pc account. BUT, he can’t buy ANYTHING in the store for his pc account, no packs, battlepasses, coins, nothing, and the devs won’t do a damn thing for him, so he’s pretty much gone. And yes, he told them he wanted to be able to buy stuff.

So after this, and the EAC fiasco of 2 months ago, I no longer spend a dime here and just play with what I have.


While your cynicism is not lost, I have done everything… I signed on for the base game, which I log onto daily. I play CW, CC, do raids, fused nearly everything in the game at least once…

Why must I play optional, temporary side games that I have no interest in, or be left out? I should be rewarded for my dedication. The time, the commitment, the spend… Instead i get ignored (no customer service), and watch others make snarky comments from a throne built on free giveaways at my expense.

I don’t like doing raids, and lots of resources and badges are only given to me if I complete them.
Should I also complain about that?

Should rewards only be for modes that we like? If different players have different preferences, how do we balance that? Should we just be able to choose whatever activity we want and get full rewards?

They’ve added something truly new. Be excited. And the rewards aren’t awesome. They’re just… neat. You’re telling me you can’t afford to lose 80 badges?

Don’t give unique rewards for side games… I’m just complaining about the unique decor, like the Celestial Expanse paint, which if I remember right - you had a 1:12 chance of it dropping in a mode that was AWFUL.

Those exclusive rewards should be a regular mode, or paid BP.

Unique decor rewards have always come from temporary special events. It was only later that they added BPs as another way to distribute those kind of prizes.
A lot of my favourite paints and horns came from playing special events and/or temporary brawls. I didn’t always love the events, but I wanted the reward. Seems like a normal part of how games work to me.

I get it, you have a wallet and capitalism is nowhere to be found for what you want, now and with no effort beyond going to work.

The problem is it devalues the nature of things being limited time rewards. I want green chrome paint as much or more than you want celestial w.e tf it is. I didnt play the mode (was on hiatus) and now i can only be jealous. And id have it no other way.

Just play the mode, or you simply dont want it bad enough to own it.


yep nd thats why I now make fun of players in the community :rofl: :rofl: nothing but specials

Which mode?

The thing is, i have my inventory with paints, stickers, fireworks and some decor that i don’t know where it came from, i know a few, but not all.
I don’t know when or from what i got them.

Don’t bring up Green Chrome paint. This is a sore subject with me. I spent a lot of time building a cool and popular Gronch hover sleigh for the art contest event. It got a lot of upvotes and was easily cruising toward Green Chrome placement. Almost every Xbox contestant placed. Unfortunately, my entry got banned and stricken from the event halfway through because I used Helicons as Gronch’s weapon loadout.

Its up on the exhibition if y’all want to check it out.

Green Chrome hurts but the Air Raid Siren drives me nuts. When are they ever going to drop this thing again? How am I supposed to continue as a rocket player without an Air Raid Siren?

This event has Titanic Horn and that expensive swirly pink paint. These items don’t come along often. Don’t play the mini pass if you aren’t interested.

This is growing problem with the world today - that willingness to settle. I am not just playing the mode. But more than that, pulling from my decades as both a business owner and consultant, its a growing model where companies feel they need to cater to weakest, most vocal audience - over the audience that built them in the first place.

Watching new players start with a 4K ride and fused items is one thing (when we had to earn those), but its another to see mindless events adorn them even more as we are forced into a ‘play or be damned’ scenario.

Or having to go off of Crossout’s mediums to social media crap for other things (which I refuse to ever do). In business there is a rule called the 80/20 - where 80% of revenue comes from 20% of your audience. In F2P gaming that percentage is much more severe (its can be as high 96/4) - so endangering that 4% is a critical mistake.

I can assure you a large portion of their revenue generating population is embedded in their core product, not off-shoots temporary modules (even when we like them). Those off-shoots can be high reward for newer players, that’s fine - but exclusives leaves a bad taste in our mouth - it’s really a slap in the face of those of us that helped build the game.


Funny enough, I have both the green chrome and the air raid siren.
I don’t remember trying to get the green chrome, so I must have just been playing that event for fun and got it without realizing.
The air raid siren was something I really wanted, and actually put in the effort to get.

The thing is, it is nice to get occasional items that can only be achieved through playing. I feel more pride in having those items than if I just bought them on the market or unlocked them in a BP with everyone else.

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I’m deeply envious. Do you run your Air Raid Siren on Mandrakes, Heathers or Rockets?

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Definitely on artillery builds of all kinds, but also on any build that is a bit troll-y.

I also like it on giant spiders, because they always seem more like mobile bases than cars.

PLEASE, GOOD GOD, PUT THIS IN THE SHOP, AN EVENT, SOMETHING. I have wanted this ever since I discovered it four months ago (old abandoned steam account). It goes very well with almost every build I’ve ever made (especially with my rocket copter build)

That’s what I need it for!