Another thing i want to say (this time about exploits)

banning parts from events is a bad idea, specially from events badly made which is this Radiance.
Due to past events, this time they banned Boosters and skinners, cause there were some pseudo spidermens in the past.
Ok, all is fine but this time they added a fucking timer while this event was already going life.

So, let’s do the Math.

Radiance = - (boosters + skinners) + (hovers + Reapers) + timer

Radiance = entire team killed

The solution would be ban the reapers, right?

I say no, because other things would came along to bend the physics, like Reapers did to fill the void left by booster and skinners.

i already saw hovers with cannons point downwards to dodge the Ravagers with an upwards impulse, perhaps to counter act the other addition made to Ravager builds out of time - hatchets.

The problem it’s not the reapers or the hovers, it’s the timer.

Ok, you could ban all the things but then again what will be left?

Meanwhile a lot of people are left without options because they can’t use banned parts.
I myself wanted to put a couple of boosters on my build to go even faster.
But instead i die from the timer.
which is infuriating, specially after i destroyed 2 towers by myself to open the third gate. But by that time the hover reaper was already passing the final gate


I found if just stuck to trying to complete the challenges, the mode was less frustrating. The challenges were easy. Winning that race? Meh. Not so much, but I don’t think that was really the point of the mode. I think it was just an opportunity to play as a Ravager. It was an excuse to take part in a creepy sci-fi, and the rewards were just decorative, mostly. Some of it was tied to the Battle Pass, but I finished most my pass challenges without even trying or screwing with the brawl at all, until the end whene they cut off the challenges and all I had left were these little challenges that had to be done in Op-Rad.

You are right though, they really mangled this one, but I don’t think it’s as big a deal as it’s been made out to be. It doesn’t bother me, anyway. I agree, it was a sloppy mess of an event, though, and the other pass is rumored to be just as messed up.

It’s going to drag ass too, so the forum riots will probably go on for the whole final month of the pass, if not longer.


I don’t know why but it’s on special events where i take it more seriously
To make or adapt and specialize, refine, and do better.
The game is fun but events ( not all) are so much fun. A break away from the routine and grinding.
A build never get’s obsolete.
Operation Gozu was so much better, i often went in a frenzy, in a killing spree, it was addicting despite the rewards were crap.
I started to face this event like if it is a race.
In a word i find the majority of events exciting/ fun and if the opportunity arises to fill the inventory with raw materials…even better.

But i digress, the point it’s else where.

I only hope that devs would take certain facts in consideration to improve futures special events. Instead of nerf reapers and nerf hovers cries.
and instead of banning parts like boosters or skinners, they should do maps where, it’s not possible to exploit with them or any other.

It reached a point where’s more profitable do it as a ravager than as a human player
Adding things on the fly it’s not good, did they forget to put in before it started?
did they needed more time to finish it?
either way this timer has a negative impact that perhaps wasn’t considerated


Good questions. I presume nobody on their development team actually plays this game. If you’ve watched their live streams, and how they fumble through the menus like it’s the first time they’ve ever seen the game menus from our side of the screen, you know what I mean. It’s a little clownish, and ever since they started doing their own vids it’s been cringe to watch.


When you say this I think of the old reaper helicopter, it hovered in the sky and ran fine then, but the April fools update the year before last made it inoperable, I think it’s a pity, but I think taking off on recoil is quite reasonable, it’s not any exploit, rather the void wall violating reality is more like an exploit.

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How perfect timing, i got just one more.

It’s an exploit, the thing isn’t about reapercopters or hovers with reapers really but about the timer.
Doing it (hoping the gate) condemn the entire team who has to do stuff and avoid other stuff, the team doesn’t even have a chance

This guy not even waited for the timer to open the final gate.

And apparently there’s one new bug , happen to me twice.
twice i was the first arriving the third gate, after i triggered the checkpoint, but the towers didn’t showed the red simbols
Someone told me in chat


I just pushed this guy from the bridge

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id love to see that hate mail :joy:



Watching them stumble over the ridiculous names they have for parts… Worse than watching video of me trying to dance at my niece’s wedding.

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Boosters weren’t permitted in operation red light- the first rendition of this event either, nor was lances. The only part that was banned after the first go around was the skinner because people abused it and made the mode unfun

Yeah who stayed and the beginning wasting time and even going on top of terrain not accessible to ravagers to waste time till the clock ran out

Reapers don’t give an unfair exploit, skinners did and boosters were never allowed to begin with and if they were then the ravaged builds would need them to balance then

The only problems I’ve come across is the terrain is way to bumpy for wheel builds compare to hovers, too many time events especially the last timed gate, soon after the update where they added hatchets to the ravages the lag/rubber banding progressively got worst and worst and in turns of builds only the wall looking builds where hndering the game play and occasional turret layer who dropped their turrets to block teammates on purpose hinder the enjoyment of this mode.

It wasn’t that rewarding.
if you look closely there was another one in the screenshot.
the guy beside me didn’t make it but he tried.
As we were passing the bridge i decided to push him out the bridge in that second to try to prevent him hoping the next gate.
which i did succefully


I see, my previous attempt to take off and fly to the zombie’s birth point would have exploded straight away, if I had used the same effect on the next area before the door opened it would have been avoided, but the event ended soon afterwards


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Indeed, the pattern is too confusing and unbalanced, and I missed the specifics of the article in my initial response

you get use to that.

6 wheels behave differently than 4 wheels on uneven terrain . Despite being more responsive with 6 wheels, i switch to 4 wheels to have more acceleration.
I got use to have less traction .
And i changed nothing, pedal to the metal unless there was a large ass in my way.