Another Wonky Weekend

+50% Reputation in battles & faster enemy or neutral base capture!

Hello survivors!

It’s bonus XP days in the Wastelands! During these days you will be able to become more powerful and gain any favour from the factions faster! On October 7, 8 and 9 the bonus to all reputation earned is 50%.

Moreover, we suggest you try out the battles with accelerated base capture process once more. We’ve taken into account your feedback on the previous event and lowered base capture acceleration rate. Now it’s 25% (instead of 50%).

You are welcome to leave you constructive feedback right after you give this small event a try!

This special is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The event will be available from 12:00 GMT on October 7 until 05:00 GMT on October 10!

Great news, kids! More Prestige Crates randomly containing either Stabilizers, more Stabilizers, or possibly even more Stabilizers. Also, for you Aces, your eviction from the kiddie pool is being expedited. Now you can be trolled by veterans with advanced seal club technology even sooner…end sarcasm.

As for the 25% faster base capture…ehh…OK? I’m not sure where this desire to change this feature is coming from, but I bet after the next battle pass comes out some of this might make more sense. Maybe. IDK. I think I’ll actually like the moderately faster capture times

I sure don’t want or need more “prestige,” or experience points. At this point, I’d rather not have any. I have no idea what I want with more prestige crates. I don’t. I’m not aware of any noticeable influx of new players that need to hurry up the ladder for some reason either, so where is this coming from? Maybe there are a bunch of new guys somewhere. IDK. I’ve certainly seen no indication of that. It’d be good news though.

Anyway, looks like more weekend weirdness.

I enjoy the effort you put into your posts.

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I’m capping waay too often now.

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yay, more stabilizers…

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I haven’t seen any negative issues with the abbreviated capture feature in pvp. Most people still slug it out, but base capture is a little more relevant, and is more of a feature in pvp. It’s wasn’t getting a lot of consideration as a game strategy before, and maybe that’s improved a little, but not too much. I think I like the moderately accelerated base capture better.

One thing it may have improved also, is that the time spent watching that last hopeless guy evade the inevitable for two minutes should be less of an issue.