Answering your questions

Survivors! Some time ago we announced a Q&A session. We’ve got a lot of your questions and today Yuri from the dev team will answer some of them!


The issue with Cerberus crawling over crap isn’t with that players build. It’s the cab. Mine does it too. Probably, everybody’s does.

Here’s two of mine that don’t have many climbing problems:


Ya, had they arranged the built in melee on the Cerberus more like the Lacerator, it probably wouldn’t tend to crawl up walls like it does.

I think they should fix it, and the issue is on their end with the design, and not with the player. It does crawl up and over targets. It’s wonky, but it’s good to see an example of how to build around the problem (cool Lacerator build)…if you’ve got the coin.

How much does that fix cost me? Maybe they should at least include some Lacerators with that Cerberus in the pack they sell, so it at least works right when you buy it.

I’d rather they just acknowledge the cab was wonky and fix it…or re-brand it like, “Ya, we wanted to balance the advantage the cab’s melee weapon provided (kinda needs a buff, IMO), by adding a level of complexity to the handing characteristics…” or some such BS. That’s what I would have done.

It’s nice that they added some durability to help cope with the issue it has (climbing walls). It does help, and the cab does feel ideal for melee in other ways too. It’s fast. Agile too. Easy to armor. It’s still a good cab, ideal for melee, IMO, even with its wonk.

You could do the same kind of build with lower level melee weapons and it should work, as long as they are close enough to the ground.

Incidentally, this is one good thing about the 2.0 update: the suspension changes mean that the additional melee runs closer to the ground that it looks like, thanks to the effect of the mass of the armour.

The thing is, the built in drill doesn’t really do enough damage to use on its own. The only way I’ve ever been able to get it to work is to combine it with other active melee (and preferably a tormentor).

The harvester below the drill is the best layout I’ve found. You just need to be careful that their contact points are the same. The enhanced building view helps that, but best to test on the range a bunch to see how it reacts to various build shapes.

Well, I watched the whole thing and am not sure that anything asked was thought-provoking, or that any of the answers were compelling.

I’d like to have seen a question like “Are you aware of the low player-retention rate, and do you have any ideas about how to resolve that?” That to me is really the ultimate issue at the present.